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  1. My main goal is to produce high quality, cost-effective bud in a 2 month cycling harvest for myself and to gift to mates.

    My plan: I have a roughly 10 x 16 room which will be sectioned into into 2* 10 x 8 rooms which will house 6-8 plants each. I will use 5 gallon buckets with coco-coir perlite mix. GH 3 part nutes + cal-mag. This will veg for 2 months and flower for 2 veg= 1x 1000w MH flower 1000w HPS. I also have a secondary room which is about 10 x 9 that I plan on putting 6 Northern lights Autos in 3 or 4 gallon buckets with the same medium under alternately 1 1000w MH to 1 1000w HPS.

    FEEDBACK IS ENCOURAGED: I plan to do a journal of this grow but absolutely any feedback or tip/tricks/advice is welcomed as I really only have ideas and will learn by doing. So if it sounds like a good plan or shite, let me know, and thanks for reading about me and why I am here.

    PS what would average yield on a setup like this be??

    Cheers, CharlieB
  2. From what I have read, predicting yields is kind of bullshit unless you have run it yourself a few times. There are just too many variables to take into account. But other than that, you sound like you have done some planning, so good on you man. I hope it goes well for you.
  3. Sounds like a good plan. The main things are having the best lighting you can for your plants in both veg and bloom cycles and you've got that covered with the lighting you describe above. We flower with 1000 watt hps lamps....4 to a room, and I can, if I choose, flower from 25 to 30 plants in that room at a time. You might consider breaking up the space a little differently...just a thought. You typically don't need as much room for veg as you do for flower since the plants will double or triple in size during the flower cycle...depending on your strength of light...and yours will. You might consider making one large flower room and a smaller room for veg. You can flower plants at different ages all at the same time in the same room. We just tag ours on the date we put them into the flower room so we'll know when they're getting ready to finish. We cycle ours now instead of doing a whole room full at a time. I have things going on a 10 week cycle and we harvest about 5 to 6 plants every week or so. It's much easier to handle that way than having to manicure 30 plants at one time. We don't keep mothers. Instead, we take our clones from our oncoming clones getting ready for flower. The larger flowering space you have, the more you can flower off. We started out flowering with 2 1000 watt hps lamps. A couple of years ago, we added two more and the buds (size and density) went insane as far as growth and fat wet buds. Don't overcrowd your lights. As long as you stay within the parameters you described above, you'll be good. I've found that 5 or 6 plants is about what one of the 1000 watt bulbs can handle, but you'll have to do some rotation of the plants along the way to make sure everyone gets their air share of even lighting. If you don't have much growing experience, my biggest advice would be for you to go to the new grower threads and read there. There are several sticky's designed and posted just for the new grower that contain the basic info on growing these plants inside that every grower needs to know. Most put in all their time and energy devising a setup to grow under and put little time into learning how to grow the plant. I've gardened all my life and this is a bit different than anything I've done before. Your plants need excellent drainage (didn't see above where you mentioned you're doing a hydro grow....which I would never recommend a new grower to start with) and you never water your plants until they have used up the water you gave them last time. You'll need to pH your water and feed solution (when you start using nutes) to a range of 6.3 to 6.7 to prevent root lockup. Watering continually out of range locks up the roots of the plant and they can't take in nutrition. If you'll start them small, in Solo cups, and only pot them up gradually as the plant becomes larger than the container it's in (wider and taller)....and you use a good quality soil to grow in, they will veg faster and the soil will feed your plants for you almost all the way through veg. We start nutes about 2 weeks before the flower cycle begins. We use excellent grow soil and because of the way we pot ours up in stages, we don't have to pour a bunch of chemicals in our plants. The secret to big healthy plants is not nutes. They only need enough nutes to feed them when they've used up what came in the soil. Starting them too soon or giving them a concentration too strong will only fry your plants. The secret to big healthy plants and large dense buds is light. Just read up on the grow process and with the equipment and setup you describe above, sounds like you've got a winner going. Now the hps lamps get HOT....so you have to figure in the temps and ventilation, etc., because heat will kill them fast too. Good luck!! TWW

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