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  1. Hello, and thank you for being a part of a community that has given me so much information so far. I will give you a brief rundown of my situation and plans and then open it up for critique. I am planning my first grow this spring OUTDOORS. I have been looking at the Diesel Ryders and am almost convinced that this is the strain I will be going with. Not a large grow, maybe 6-10 plants total. I live in the midwest around 40NL. I am planning on doing this as a small medicinal grow for my mom who has severe FibroMyalgia. I am concerned with how to prepare the soil. I intend to soak the seeds and then germinate in a paper towel then plant straight to the grow site. the soil is good on top but turns into clay very close to the top. I am planning to plant on the south side of the timber to recieve maximum sunlight and hopefully hide them with the foliage that grows naturally behind them. So at this point I am worried mostly about soil preparation for an outdoor grow and whether this is a good strain for my area and first grow. I want the plants to stay somewhat low and potency was why i picked it. Thanks in advance.-JGBUD
  2. i heard somewhere around gc that clay is bad for the soil conditions for mj
  3. with that being said, should I dig the sites up early spring and move in good rich black dirt? or is there a wasy around this? the soil is full of clay bu the feild next to it is full of prarie grasses. just looking for the best things for me to do. thanks diplomat
  4. first of all let me say i think its great your growing mmj for your mom
    and the reason its called weed is because it grows like one and if you
    get good nutes and take care of the plants the clay shouldnt be to much of a problem
    i personaly grow indoors with hydro
    i would suggest you do the same although i dont know your conditions
    but there are many benefits into growing hydro and if your interested id be happy to tell you everything you want to know:smoke:
  5. Thank you for the replies diplomat. Indoors isn't an option right now and I have plenty of space outside. that's one of the reasons for going with an autoflowering strain. I just want to know how I can maximixe my outdoor soil to benifit the plants without overdoing it and burning them up. thnx again.-JGBUD
  6. 1) Diesel Ryder is auto flowering so I dont know why you would do that outside...... I do autoflowering plants inside my house no problem but im not sure if these are ment to be grown outside.....

    2) If this is a legit medical grow... I would go with maybe 3 -4 big plants because outside you will get about a pound..... but you will have to wait longer since is not autoflowering...

    3) Find a stream! This will make sure your plants are watered!

    4) Clay is super bad as it can cause a plant to get root bound and can also drown the roots because of poor drainage.

    5) Be careful that you are not growing in a state park or on state land as this will be considered a federal offense with or without a license..... and im pretty sure licenses allow only 2 plants over 1 foot i believe.... correct me if im wrong.... but if they find your patch of 10 plants.... and trust me 10 plants will reek of weed..... they might either rip em or wait for you to show up and A give you a fine or B take away your mom's license

    6) If you have a license it is much safer and more convenient to grow inside.... and you will get better weed and less problems...

    7) As for the soil.... go with fox farm ocean forest...... and just make sure you have at least a 2 gallon hole for each plant and you will be fine

    Hopes this helps

  7. 1. Indoors is not an option and everything I have read about the lowryder strain talks about it flourishing outdoors. I thought the diesel ryder would be better for the increased potency.


    3. Hydration is not a problem

    4. The subsoil is clay, I had hoped that if I worked the soil up it would allow for proper nutes and drainage. I had read somewhere that feilds of grasses made for good soil. So that was the line of thought I was going with.

    5. No state land use.

    6. :rolleyes:

    7. Will do, is there an organic mix that can be made at home in place of the fox farm ocean forest? Or is that even recommended for outdoor use?
  8. well since im an indoor grower the most helpfull thing i can do
    is suggest that you watch this video
    this spring im starting an outdoor grow
    and this is the video im using for technique
    i hope this vid answers all your questions
    again good luck
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-4pq853YwM"]YouTube - kog marijuana a grower's lot hemp nimbin pot[/ame]
  9. Thanks again for your replies James. I have been doing even more research (gotta love the net!) and am now thinking about another possible strain. Automatic Hindu Kush. I like the idea of a quick season, as the field next to where I plan to grow will be more traveled as fall approaches. Zero traffic during summer months. Also if this Kush strain needs less root space the clay in the soil could become less of a factor. They also seem to be short plants so good for guerilla growing. The heavy indica blend is important also for the medicinal purpose of these plants.-JGBud

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