Opinions on drunk alone?

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  1. It's like my first day off in nearly 2 weeks, and all my dudes are dry. I decided fuck it im gettin shitty and bought a fifth. Unfortunately it's mid-week and all my friends are workin tomorrow:

    I've seen different opinions on this, whats yours?

    Im far from an alcoholic, literally drink once every 1-2 months if that. Went to straight herb cuz i dont feel as shitty the next day.

    Opinions? Just curious.

    Feelin' good as fuck watchin shit on youtube. Heeeeell yah.
  2. It happens from time to time. Sometimes I like killing time at a bar during happy hour and whatnot.

    Have at it bro. :smoke:
  3. Fuck it man. Have a few drinks and don't give a shit what people think. You wouldn't ask our permission to smoke weed would you? We don't judge...... much!
  4. The "not giving a shit" factor definitely applies more when you drink alone.  Both ways.
  5. Well I'm somewhat of an alcoholic. I've drank alone more times than I can (or care) to remember. Just don't make it a habit and you'll be fine. Getting drunk alone can either be therapeutic or problematic, don't let it become the latter.
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    hell , there's nothing wrong with that man..
    i have been in the same boat many times before
    i enjoy a beer or a mixed drink once in a while -
     gettin tipsy from time to time ain't bad..
     i can't do the all nite terrorize the neighborhood drunk anymore..
     too old for that shit, i also hate the hangovers
    they suck ass !
    Bongs Away !
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    I think if it's acceptable to smoke a joint by yourself then having a drink alone is perfectly acceptable as well. 

    Everything in moderation.
  8. I actually drink alone quite a bit. I obviously dont like drink to get completely blacked out, but i like to get some drinks in me when im at home alone chillen watching tv or something. Whos going to judge you? Youre by yourself lolSent from my DROID4 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Occasionally I'll drink alone. Usually only for a decent buzz though, not getting really drunk or anything.

    Some people think drinking alone is depressing but I only see it that way if its a regular thing.
  10. Sometimes I drink just a few beers on week nights when I'm out of weed at times. I just turned 21 though, so it's still exciting for me to actually buy it myself hah.
  11. Hmmm.... GO FOR IT!
    I've been drinking by myself for about 10 months... It's all about priorities. I worked 5AM-1:30PM and after that I would usually start drinking around 2-5PM. Now I work 6AM-2:30M. Did OT today from 6A-6:30P. And I still had a few drinks every night before.
    It's all about what you feel like doing.
    I like to watch movies and TV shows while getting a little tipsy/drunk, not black out drunk, but nice and buzzed lol.
  12. nothing wrong with it at all man, go for it.

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  13. Just don't become like me and get shitty before class or anythingn and you're good, barring hangovers. Which means don't end up with a hangover on a workday. A few drinks alone is no big deal. Given the rate at which you consume alcohol, I would say no worries. If you start having trouble skipping a few day, reconsider at the time. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. I drink alone all the time pop in some tunes and get Buzzed. 
  15. Maybe if you were getting blackout wasted every night of the week or something it would be a problem, but there's nothing wrong with having a few drinks and chilling out.
  16. Getting drunk alone is fine. I've done it. A lot of people have done it. A lot of people do it. If someone tells you that you're a loser for drinking by yourself then their idea of drinking is warped. You should tell them what my granpappy used to tell me when I was a child. "Get me a beer and fuck off.""You can sheer a sheep as many times as you want, but you can only skin it once."
  17. I'm doing it as we speak. Doing it alone doesn't make you an alcoholic, being an alcoholic does. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. When I was by myself, I use to drink beer and play battlefield 3 or watch a good movie. If you're not smoking, the next best thing is to enjoy a cold brew just chillin. Sent from my iPhone using Hii Power
  19. Sometimes it's nice to drink a few beers or a mixed drink. It's nice to sit back and think and not have to worry about socializing. It's only an issue when you drink alone more than every once and awhile.
  20. When you start taking hard drugs by yourself you have a problem, drinking by yourself is fine man!

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