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  1. hello im based in the uk and have been growing outside for a few seasons now but have decided to move my little zen garden inside for two reasons

    1. i want to have home grown all year round

    2. got really shit results outdoors this year not impressed (4 plants no more than 10 oz all of them over 7ft tall and 4ft wide) had to harvest early due to the feckin brittish summer!!!!!!!!!

    did any one else have any trouble this year??

    so any way started growing with a cfl and reflector 250w was using an atami wilma pot but just using pots that came with it now canna pro mix as media and 3 strains apple jack the church and ppp taking longer than i thought with the cfl

    anyone know roughly how long it will take from start to finish??
    also anyone out there got any good results from a 250w cfl

    on a completely different note would anyone on here do madona she's on tv and i know she's old but i reckon i would i may be a little high tho :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
    anyway hope to chat with some one peace
  2. Hi there, cfl grows are fine for anyone who has a small budget or who has very small grow area.. i'm currently using a 300w dual spectrum with a power plant reflector and just harvested a lowryder2 with 26g of dry weight, so i was impressed with that as my first grow.. so yeah nothing wrong with cfls at all IF your only growing 1 plant but you say you've got 3 different strain's.. are you going to start all 3 at once ??? with that 250w cfl personally i'd be growing 1 at a time unless you get another 250w bulb for another plant...
    What size is your grow area???
  3. y cant you grow in the british summer? gets too hot??

    yess i think i would fuck madonna:D:smoke:

  4. Me 2...with out a doubt!!!:D:D:D
  5. i have about 1.5 m in hight and 1m width and 0.5 m depth a wardrobe basicly i can ditch 1 or 2 if you reckon i would get better results i have a freind that can rehome one of them for me how are those 300w dual spec lamps i was gonna get 1 from ebay but i couldnt find any brand name for them so i just went with envirolite 250w instead
  6. na not to hot too cold and damp started to get ground frosts really early this year fucked the plants up they were no way near finished when i took them down and im not so high anymore and i would still give her the lovin guy ritchie never did

  7. I know what you mean there's no name or brand on them but i took a chance with it anyway and i'm happy with it but i did consider getting 1 of the new 9u 300w red spectrum for flowering but once again a lot of people recommended that both light spectrum's would be better than just the red.. your grow area is pretty much the same as myself and with my dual 300w the temp stays at 70f-73f and humidity at 40-45 which works real well for me but others may disagree.
    Good luck with your grow and keep us updated...:D:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  8. I have seen just as good of grows from CFL users as i have from HPS/MH users in small grow areas. Once the area gets large you need HPS/MH or a shit ton of CFLs to cover all your plants.

    I'm not sure where it was but i saw a post about a 300w CFL at home depot for 15 bucks. I would def consider checking that out.
  9. My 2 cents is that if you are growing in a small area, it might be better to go with CFL's than HPS, only reason i say that is if you use an HPS you also of course have more heat and in a small enclosed closet grow you need to also have a good ventilation system going, which really takes up even more room in the already small space. you can get some good high wattage cfl's for a good price, place them efficiently with good hoods, and mylar on the walls and they can go along way and make a decent harvest, considering you are growing in a closet that might only have 6 square feet of space!

  10. :hello::Dthats what i want to hear :D:hello:

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