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  1. I looked around for threads on this, but didnt see much. I was just interested in everyones thoughts on why we are breaking thelaw everytime we light up. I have 2.

    1. everyone knows money is the deciding factor for a lot of what goes on in this world.
    IN america, legalizing marijuana and making it as easily available as cigarettes and alcohol, would cut into these companies pockets deeply. its still legal to smoke, but why smoke a cigarette for the mental calming sensation of the nicotine, when you can have a full bodied relaxation from a joint. Getting drunk is legal, but time consumming and most seasoned drinkers need to ingest quite a bit. I believe in legalizing marijuana we would, over time, kill alot of the alcoholism in this country, thereby reducing alcohol sales drastically. so its legal to smoke, its legal to drink to get high/drunk, same thing, different feeling. but we cant smoke to get high/drunk.

    2. I also believe that in this country the rich use laws to create poverty, and promote a cycle of peoples that can not, due to their beliefs and ways of life, rise from our poverty to become adversaries in this race for our next dollar. Think about the drug testing policies, what better way to keep people on the bottom. Tell them they cant havea job because of something we do in our own time. yes there are those who are going to get stoned and go to work, fall and hurt themselves. But havent they rid themselves of this cost by establishing this policy of drug testing employees as soon as an accident happens. hell with some of the jobs we do and bosses we have, we need to be high just to deal with them sometimes.

    anything is addictive, look at the fat asses sueing mcdonalds for selling them cheeseburgers. sex is addictive, the internet is addictive. My wife is a good example of that. Give her a double cheeseburger and a broadband connection, shes as happy as can be.

    Whats you ideas.

    I say lets all join together, march on the capitol, stand in front of the white house and light up. Give the president a contact buzz.

    Constitutionally we all have a voice, lets use it. Dont whisper, scream, Dont mumble and stutter, shout loudly and clear. Arent we a democracy, for the people, by the people. Its our vote, our choice. One life, one world, one chance. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Adding to for ....CAM... THis is the web page he mentioned. Great FAQ on hemp and marijuana.

  2. Because we need a scapegoat for dumbasses who get hooked on crack. Also we need something for parents/teachers to beat into the skulls of kids about how terrible it is.
  3. and our goverment doesnt want to admit it was wrong again.
  4. many reasons behind this but a main one is becuase it would be impossible to tax. people could just grow their own weed and not have to spend money on buying it.
  5. Because the DEA has already spent massive amounts of money on the "war on drugs" and if they legalize it they will be considered a failure. Also, what would happen to all the people in prison who are there because of marijuana trafficing/pocession/distribution.

    Pretty much any bullshit you could think of really
  6. its still illegal because "marijuana is a gateway drug". its still illegal because anslinger is a punk ass motherfucking BITCH. its still illegal because billions have been wasted away on this "war on drugs/freedom" and we all know good ol' uncle sam cant admit any wrong doing. its illegal because people are blind to the facts. its illegal because of propaganda.

    damnit. now im pissed. :mad:
  7. We don't want to put DARE out of business.
  8. A few reasons.

    1. It's human nature to not want to admit your mistake. After 7 decades of all the War on Drugs distortions, it would be hard for the DEA/US to admit their mistake.

    2. The DEA is huge. Legalizing weed will cause most people to lose their ignorance, and hence we will most likely legalize every drug and switch to harm reduction instead of prohibition.

    3. Most people are ignorant about it, and the DEA uses fake sources and etc to get their point across. Nobody checks the sources so they stay ignorant.

    The main reason is because pot is the deciding factor in legalizing ALL drugs or not. If we legalize pot and all goes well, it will be easier to end the War on Drugs and legalize every drug.

    Legaizing every drug is the proper thing to do, but until Pot is decriminalized at least, we won't think about any other drug. Everybody who makes money from the prohibition of pot is afraid of drugs being legal, so they use pot to keep drugs illegal.

    Legalizing all drugs would greatly reduce the number of drug users in the country.

    It would lower the rate of HIV and other infections spread by sharing needles.

    It would significantly lower the dangers of drugs, most of which are only due to their legality. In example, heroin overdoses and etc.

    Wanting to legalize pot only is stupid. You can't say "Legalize Pot, but keep Cocaine and heroin illegal" The government spreads a lot of lies about pot, this is a fact. They also spread a lot of lies about cocaine and heroin, though. Keeping them illegal causes too much damage.

    A few governments are trying out harm reduction. They have needle sharing programs, shooting up centers where addicts go to shoot up in a safe environment w/ paramedics. Heroin available via prescription to drug addicts, as well as alternative drugs for treatement of addiction for those who want to get help. This saves lives, saves money, gets rid of drug related crime, and so on.

    Studies have shown that almost all people in jail for drug crimes had a previous history of crime, before their drug use. This means that there is some other factor which got them to use the drug in the first place. The same thing that got them to commit crime, which is probably a mental illness or a flawed personality.

    Basically, the drug problem is a medical problem, not a law enforcement problem, and it should be treated as so.

    If you don't know about harm reduction, the War on Drugs, or if legalizing all drugs sounds crazy to you.. well I want to first say that it's a shame because you guys smoke weed, so you should be informed about everything. We have millions of pot smokers in the US, yet I would say about 60% of them know NOTHING about the drug, nothing about other drugs and nothing about the War on Drugs. If we all knew and were active, the War on Drugs would cease to exist.

    Please educate yourselfs. Here is a site, and there are some others in my profile.

    -- Oh and I want to say. There are A LOT of people who are against marijuana (and other drugs) becoming legal.

    1) Drug companies are afraid. They will lose money because patients can grow the plant in their own home. No need for insurance or expensive drugs.

    2) The tobacco and alcohol companies. I suspect the tobacco companies in particular would lose a lot, especially because marijuana helps people quit smoking tobacco.

    3) Politicians are afraid of bringing up the issue because they will be considered crazy/weak/etc.

    4) Another HUGE issue is hemp. Industrial companies will suffer greatly from the full legalization of hemp. The paper industry is one, but there are hundreds of industrial uses for hemp that would cut into a lot of people's budget. Actually, some people claim this is the reason marijuana was outlawed to begin with.

    Money is power.. but knowledge is also power. We have the numbers, but most of 'us' are ignorant as fuck - to put it politely - when it comes to the War on Drugs, history of it and the history of marijuana. People should definitely hit Google and read up on this stuff.
  9. cuz of racism. there was some thing that i read when i first came here about chinese ppl or sumthin smokin weed so that all their slave work wasnt so hard or sum shit. but its still illegal because then everyone wouldnt give a fuck about money and they'd be spendin time with their familys and friends. the economy would crash and we'd lose a lot of the shit we got now because all those ppl workin for pennies an hour in china would quit. you know what i mean. like im all for legalizin it but you never know eh. somethin crazy might happen. i guess its not likely cuz not everyone gets unmotivated by it but whatever. just my 2 cents you know.
  10. Opium was banned because Chinese immigrants worked long hours for very little pay. They were taking the white people's jobs because companies hired them due to their low salaries. Sort of like outsourcing to India.

    Marijuana was banned mainly due to hemp issues. Hemp threatened the chemical pulp paper manufacturing industry. The way hemp was made illegal was using racism and propaganda.

    Nothing crazy will happen. The Czech republic has it fully legalized, and a few countries have it decriminalized.
  11. alright sounds like you know your shit. yeah i dunno you just gotta consider everything.
  12. Look at shit now though. Not many people grow. I don't think that legalizing it will change much...well except for it being legal. I don't think everyone is gonna start smoking and growing copious amounts of weed. If the government came up with an idea where it was very cost efficient (ie getting very good bud for a good price) and make it easy to obtain, I am POSITIVE the government could tax it and people would buy from them. I know I would. Shit, they'd have all the stoners in the government come out of the closet and assign them to grow it. professionals growing my weed. It would be perfect!
  13. i think if weed was legalized the price would go up because of high demand. i wouldnt want that. i dont think i it were legal it would be as accepted in public places as cigarretes or drinking. i dont really have any need for it to be legalized, as long as youre not an idiot you shouldnt get caught.

    no offense to people who have gotten caught.
  14. It's just because they can't control it. Alcohol can't be grown easily in your backyard, but weed can.
  15. here's what i believe might be hands down the biggest reason:

    it would cause HUGE controversy if marijuana were legalized. the U.S. government has been demoting marijuana use for so long that turning it all around at this point would require endless amounts of explanation.
  16. yeh i dunno i dhavent been cauhgt :knock on wood: but if it werelegal i wouldnt mind like smokin outside a mall then seein a movie or somethin

    or gettin pizza in the mall then seein a movie

    which ive done, but i dont like gettin high and drivin or w/e i dont feel safe, so legalizin it would be helpful and safe IMO

    cuz alot of people smoke before they go places and if it wer elegal they could od it their and nopt risk themselves u know? maybe alot of places also would not make it public like cigs which makes sense.

    haha imagine goin to a bolwin alley

    every other lane people smoking familys who wanna juust play get high and annoyed lol
  17. They also demoted alcohol during the 1920's. But look at it now, it's advertised everywhere. You can't just pin it on that.
  18. On a History Channel program about marijuana, they said marijuana was made illegal mostly because large ammounts of Mexicans were coming into America and taking jobs back in the 1920's, and because they smoked marijuana, the government made it illegal to deport the Mexicans.
  19. Its clearly illegal, because marijuana is the devil. Its nothing more than that.
  20. All you smoking/historian noobs are wrong. Marijuana was dubbed illegal during the opium wars, when marijuana was incorrectly labeled an opiate. It's been illegal since then, and always will be.

    Just think about the people that have been in jail for years for pushing weight. Imagine how many people would be let out of prisons, and would even have to be given money for missing part of their life in prison for something that would now be legal.

    It's whatever, I smoke before I do anything, I dont give a fuck if bud is illegal

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