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    I wanna start a scrog. Problem is I think my stems are trunkin' allready and I'm afriad to snap them.
    Is it safe to try, or should I wait for my seedlings to do it with..?

    Feel free to let me know!!Much appreciated
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    I've snapped a few upper stems, it's not pretty. The plants recover just fine (maybe even better like topping), but you lost those nodes.

    I say do it and you'll learn how far you can bend different sized stems. If you already have a pretty full plant, losing one branch isn't going to break the bank at all!

    My next grow ill be topping early on and grow into a low scrog then in to a higher scrog so it's all perfectly distributed. This time (my first grow ever) I just let them grow and topped them once and they're sorta uneven and tricky to scrog well.
  3. How far along are you?
    If you are still vegging it shouldn't be a problem, even early flowering is possible but once you are a few weeks into flowering its too late.
    I planned on scrogging four plants from day one. They are on day 7 of flower right now and I spend about an hour each night after lights go on training them. I love it though. :bongin:
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    Good luck regardless with your grow. :smoking:
  4. excellent ladies :)

    im honestly just doin some LST with a couple strings (1 to tie over the main stalk) (1 to hold back certain fan leaves)

    i have about 6 even tops (8 if you want to count the 2 that are bout half inch lower) without a net...hope that means somethin good:)

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