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Discussion in 'General' started by smokez, May 24, 2006.

  1. Do you think cops have ever smoked weed, like i mean theres no way in the 70's they didnt toke once, anyways even if they have, do you think that they are such dicks because they are now against it? or because its their job?
  2. Smoking pot is too subjective an experiences to lump together like that. I'm sure it's different for every cop.
  3. Of course. It's just a profession. I know people that entered criminal justice just to keep weed they get off people they pull over. :p
  4. not all cops are dicks either...
  5. cops are just normal people too. You will find some good ones and some bad ones. I do not think that they can all be grouped with the haters. With that said, its just their job to enforce the laws, even if they dont agree with them.

  6. i hate all cops.
  7. When I got caught with a bong and weed at a party, I saw the difference between cops. 3 of them arrested me, 2 white mustached ones and a black one. The black dude and one of the white dudes (the one who wasnt overweight :rolleyes: ) were cool.
    The white one told me, "although I know you're not harming anyone, and the current laws are too severe, my job is to enforce the law, and yours is to do all you can to change them, but today were not gonna ticket you or give you a court date"
    The other white cop was an all american idiot. I had already confessed to having a "pipe" in my backpack, but when they pulled it out my 2ft glass bong, this cop whoops and hollers and sez "What is that a sewage pipe!" and goes on about "kids these days", he was constantly cracking stupid jokes, and the other cops werent laughing.
    Unfortunately the 2 other cops left and I was stuck with his fat ass waiting for my mom to come get me (my mom was across town). He kept complaining how annoying it was he had to stay with me and how cold he was, finally he cuffed me and took me to the station, all grumbly. He had me sit in a computer room with 2 other cops. He left to go tell his buddies in another room about how they just caught 3 kids with beer and weed. Another cop who was on a pc told me "whatever they say about weed or alcohol, nothing's as bad as this station's coffee".
    The fat cop came back with a couple other off duty cops, one of which looked at me and said "stick that kid in the locker, the little bastard".
    My mom came after a while, and the fat cop told her if i kept smokin weed i would be doing heroin in 3 years :rolleyes:
  8. I got negative rep x2 last time i shared my opinion on cops I'll lay low this time :bongin:
  9. please share your opinion, if someone give you neg rep i will give you +rep to even it out.
  10. I dont know what the pigs where you guys live at are like but I cant walk the streets without being stoped and questioned and searched they invade everyone privacy lie people think they burnt down a historical building here for their new police station (It was a sure thing if the building was to ever be torn down that they would get it its right by my house) Its safe to say I have mad beef with pigs FUCK COPS! :devious:
  11. around me cops are dicks until you prove them that you are a respectful person. that's the reson i never cary on me. the only time i have stuff on me is during transport from my pickup. that goes in the trunk. if i get pulled over i'm very respectful and i don't give them a reason to want to search me. however, i can't blame the cops, kids are fucking retards around here.

    my only bad experience with a cop was on a saturday morning when i was going to work and i had a blowout. i was changing my tire and he was giving me shit about my car smelling like alcohol.

    "so you were out drinking hard last night?"
    "no sir, i was in bed last night with the flu"
    "so you were drinking hard last night"
    "no, i just said i had the flu"
    "your car smells like alcohol"
    "i can't explain that sir, but i assure you i was in bed sick yesterday, if you want you can call my boss and ask him"

    he wasn't much older than me. he looked like a jock asshole just trying to bully me around.
  12. well i do not like the assholes cops(no shit) but the cool ones i am all for :)

    there is an organization(cant think of it offhand) where the cops are openly for the legalization

    not all cops are dicks but yes some are dicks just for the power trip
  13. Jus like everything, Theres good ones and bad ones.

    I know some cool cops, One of my ex-girlfriends dad is cheif of reserve police. He knows i smoke, Knows i bang, Hes tight with me. He jokes about shit but hes got mines.

    But then theres asshole cops. Like the ones that beat my ass or almost tazer me over pulling my damn pants up. True shit. Giddel and Great Lakes out in Rouge. The fucknig projects. Got rolled on by K-9. I got like a 6'8 burly black cop. Pulled my pants down to like my knees, I pulled the fuckers up and seen the red dot on me and almost shot me. Fuck that noise.
  14. Yo cops are okay.. when i got arrested the one was a dic.. the other one i coudlnt tell didnts eem to be a bad guy and the chick was nice as hell to us..
  15. not all cops are against it. Theirs some who toke, i know of a few and my buddy just finished police training and we smoked an OZ in 2 days (got it on a friday night and it was gone in the afternoon on sunday.

    It'll be funny when he's an actual cop on patrol, then maybe i'll match a bong bowl with a uniformed cop, thatd be kool.
  16. Some cops are okay, but most around here are either dicks or crooked.

    A while back my best friend's little bro (junior in hs) was rolling around in his car with three other kids smoking, they were pulled over, no real reason at all. The cop obviously just wanted to find beer on kids like always. Anyways he made them all get out of the car, beacuse he said it smelled like beer (they had no alcohol and hadn't even been drinking) and he ended up getting close to two zips of headies off of them in total. Parts were even split into eighths...anyways he took all the buds, took a pipe and said go home and didn't record a damn thing. Kept the bud and pipe, and no one will ever find out. It's stuff like that that just makes me frown down upon many cops...
  17. there was a stoned cop at subway tonight, he was so high it was great, i was like i wanna be that guy , except not as black
  18. least you little bro didnt get trafficking charges, cause two zips in eigths is trafficking where i come from, so just be thankful he didnt go to jail and get a drug charge and not be able to go to college
  19. law enforcement perpetuates their income by keeping our lifestyle illegal!!!
  20. Some are alright, Some are assholes. Just like any other profession, Cops aren't special. (Although some think they are.)

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