Opinion on 20 bong?

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    Thinking of buying.
    and yes, I am aware of the quality of cheap paraphernalia but I know how to take care of my stuff
    I really like this one, as it has an icecatcher and a slider for easy cleaning, that being said, It also comes with a carb, but it's rather useless since there's a slider. but nothing a little piece of tape can't fix ;)

  2. I mean it's only $20, not really a big decision. If you like it, buy it. Who cares what other people say, they aren't gonna be handling it or smoking it. Do what you wanna do. 
  3. When it breaks you will have gotten 20$ of use out of it. Key word when. Cheap glass always breaks. 
  4. A carb hole and a slider? LOl, ok whatever. I would buy it for $20. Looks like a good deal.
  5. eh i mean 20 bucks sure why not  one day of use and youll get your money back who cares if it breaks the day after
  6. Fuck carb holes
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    I'd say get it. It's all glass so it's at least better than the rubber grommet type cheapies.

    But I will say I definitely enjoy the heft and stability of my really thick walled Grav Labs bong. Whenever I use mine it always stays on the ground cause the neck is long enough to reach your mouth when you're sitting so it's pretty safe.

    Mini's made with thin walls are too easy to drop. My experience is they get picked up and sloshed around. Bong water ends up on the outside and late in the smoke session people get clumsy. Clumsy people plus bong wet from bong water equals slip and shatter!

    But then again it's only my opinion. Buy it, it's cheap. I think I've cobbled together smoking implements ending up costing more lol.
  8. If you can take of it then im pretty sure you'll get your money's worth.

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