Opiate Addiction

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  1. Hey guys, I made a post about quitting oxycontin about a week ago saying I was done. Well as you can guess I relapsed... This addiction is so freaking hard to beat. I was to ashamed to go back to the thread.

    I am only 18 almost 19 years old and I have been on the stuff for about three years constantly. Now I have been at my low spots in life pawning shit to get my fix but luckily that hasnt happened in a while.

    For a while I was flipping 20 packs of the 80's to get my free fix. I have dealt with being pulled over by under covers, sherifffs, you know it. Every time I had to swallow tops 5 80 oxy's to not go to jail. I have been through it all. Well this has nothing to do with my post.

    Well I am done using. It is such a bad life style it will kill you the way Ive been doing it. In Washington state, pretty much the only way the "younger crowd" do their oxy's is to freebase them on foil.

    This Roa has very bad side affects including acne, weakening of the teeth, and fillers/oxy resin filling your lungs. These affects can be worked on with brushing daily and using some basic acne cream.

    I am so freaking sick of the dope game. I gotta find a way out and to detox. It is so so so hard! I have some Weed to medicate with but nothing else. I have no klonopin and no other prescription anxiety medicine or sedatives.

    The RLS willl drive anyone crazy! I remember when Glopipop was kicking heroin back in the beginning of April and he described it as yours legs moving in a scrissor like motion and he is absolutely right. The night sweats is the second worse thing.

    Luckily when I detox, I can still get around 6 hours of some crappy sleep, but then I wake up in dripping sweat. Im sorry guys this has nothing to do with me detoxing, i just keep rambling.

    Anyway I just dont know how to quit. I do know how but It is the hardest thing you will ever do in life. At the 24 hour mark I start hollucinating and it is dreadful. Wish me luck guys, im gonna beat my addiction.

    I will keep you guys updated on the detox.
  2. Good luck man, you can do it. Just next time you feel like copping come and look at this thread.

    You can be clean, and it will feel way better than being addicted.

    By the way take a look at the NA thread
  3. Thanks for the support! may I ask where the NA thread is?
  4. You definitely wanna hit up an NA meeting or two...
  5. Good luck man, try to get a nice support group going, go to meetings and find people to talk to, ask your friends or family for support, etc. It'll be a lot easier if you have the support, love, and motivation from people around you.
  6. oxys are a bitch to quit. I was like you... freebasin em.... but I started shootin em up and now thats just a problem in its self.

  7. I have no support. My family dont know whats going on, and my friends are already in the same addiction or dont even know I do it. Thats the saddest part is ive lost a lot of my GOOD friends to this game. Not those piece of shit friends that I will see on the street in a few years.

    Also NA meetings are great for after you quit, but they dont help with detox.
  8. dayum swallowing 5 80's would prolly kill me...

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