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  2. Hm, Opeth. Never checked them out, but I dig what I hear so far on these videos. What album would you recommend?

    I wouldn't call myself a metalhead per se(seeing as I listen to much more than just metal), but some of the bands I enjoy are Meshuggah, Death, Cynic, Slayer, Megadeth, Children of Bodom, etc.
  3. I recommend them all, really.

    If I had to recommend one, I'd recommend Still Life.

    Particularly Godhead's Lament, The Moor, and White Cluster.

  4. I think these are songs...they aren't listed as albums. What album would you recommend?
  5. Sorry man, Still Life is the album, but those other three are tracks from the album itself.

    Still Life Tracklist

    1. "The Moor" – 11:26
    2. "Godhead's Lament" – 9:47
    3. "Benighted" – 5:00
    4. "Moonlapse Vertigo" – 9:00
    5. "Face of Melinda" – 7:58
    6. "Serenity Painted Death" – 9:13
    7. "White Cluster" – 10:02
  6. Hell yes! I love Opeth. Deliverance is a great song and so is Black Rose Immortal. Actually I havent heard a bad song from them
  7. Opeth has some nice and heavy shit, but also a lot of.......... well, gay shit...

    I can't take their soft stuff seriously.
  8. I fucking love Opeth. They do stuff with Porcupine Tree as well, who also rock :)
  9. Not a fan of Porc Tree, but Opeth is indeed badass.

  10. Really? They do some really good stuff :(
  11. I just haven't listened to them much.

    I listened Sound of Muzack, it has good sound.

    Not digging the singer much.

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