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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Skreebly, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. i saw on c-span today (lol, bored) that the DEA and FBI are "tracking down and confiscating all drug paraphernalia available over the internet, in headshops, etc. it says that production of so called "tobacco accessories" (i.e. Bongs) promotes use of drugs itself..... like you would decide to try pot because the bong you had a chance to hit was badass.
    and also they want to put re-directs on drug websites, and sites that offer paraphernalia to a DEA message, and possible track down the people trying to access them!
    i think we'll all hear more about this later, but i think its horrible
  2. also.....http://abcnews.go.com/wire/US/reuters20030224_588.html

    on the show they exposed most of the stealth pipes saying that a kid could be even using his "hi-liter sneaky pipe" as a marker in class as well as illegal drug use. by doing that the paraphernalia traffickers are helping children deceive their parents and teachers
  3. Unbeliavable, all our comepetitors closed. Sometimes I do not understand your country, you are on high alert terror status, are going to war, and only thing you can do is bust people who sell smoking papers.

    I do not understand that people put up with this BS!

  4. It's just a way of life i guess. People live in places where they have earth quakes and exteme killing weather. They still live there knowing that they could die any day. It's just the way of life.
  5. Do you guys think that this website is next? That would suck so much! I agree with all of you-this is total bullshit. How insignificant this matter is compared to freakin WAR. I am so frustrated.
  6. Doubt it..this website isn't based in the US

  7. exactly, above actions show exactly why we are not based in the US, I thank God for the liberal laws here in the Netherlands and that common sense wins over plain fear and ingnorance and the need to controle people lives and way of free thinking.
  8. The government could close it to the people of the U.S.

    They can't close the site, but they could keep us from being able to get it..

    That would suck big time!!!!!!

  9. ::screams like a little girl::
    Don't say such things!!!

  10. They can never close the forums, believe me, also in the US there is something as the right of free speech. We wll not let it happen

  11. I can still get into Marijuanna.com.

    I don't know if the gov is just picking certain ones or what.

    I've got to go write a letter I'll be back shortly!

  12. ::sigh of relief:: That's all I was worried about :)

  13. It's called "Freedom of Speech" And the bastards may take that shit away to, or at least try.

    I just wrote a letter to my senator asking for all the high government officials to be drug tested.

    Dear Senator,

    I do believe that this drug war is nothing but a waste of money. You are now closing headshops that sell pipoes and papers. Thats bull shit.. First you give them a license to sell and now your are closing them down..

    I would like to ask that all government officals be drug tested. Any official that fails this test must immediatly resign or be fired. The test should be given by independent Doctors and Lab techs. If a reply to this e-mail is not received in one week, I know of several news stations that would love to help in asking the government to comply..

    I may just be one voice in this country, but I know alot of people would like to know the results of these test..

    The test would be a hair test. No other test would be accepted as a compliance. People with no hair on their body, should be checked to see if recently removed and be removed from their job until they can prvide clear test.

    Thank you for your time.

    I would hope that since ya'll are set in being against drugs all together that you would be for the people and not against us!

    A concerned citizen,

    ----- --------

    This is what I sent. I am going to get more places to send from RMJL and send it to all that I can find!

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