operation iraqi murder

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I don't want to change the subject, but im blazed on 3.5 gs of homegrown wetness, and the one thing i love to do more then anything at a time like this, is preach what I know about "Operation Iraqi Freedom" aka "Operation Iraqi Murder". mary is a liberals fuel, and a liberal(truth thinker) believes in peace... The one thing I don't want this post to do, is spark hatred so please , if you disagree, lets not bash each other, lets just agree to disagree and debate intelligently, cool? ok, so here are the facts. the true facts....

    100,000 are dead because of this war.
    10,000 are civilians.
    6,000 are children.
    The great other majority is Iraqi soldiers, who died, bravely defending there great country, and
    Apx. 500 American troops.

    3,000 deaths credited to Saddam. 100,000 to Bush. WHO IS THE BETTER MAN? Sound extreme? It's time our country opens our eyes!

    The reason? none. Originally our fascist executive branch made it public it was to de-arm Saddam and his country of, now famous, WMD's, which it turned out, DID NOT EXIST. It was a strategic manipulation of American minds, to install fear. fear which leads to nationalism, which leads to support for just about anything, including this, the mass genocide of a wonderful country. Also, let me point out the fact that Saddam Hussein, is not responsible for "millions of deaths" as you may have herd. The actual number is under 3,000, and the great majority of those are even debatable, since the great majority were Kurds, who the CIA said, after the gassing of the Kurds, were killed my Iraqi civilians, not the Iraqi government. There are mot debatable facts. these are truth, and if you look into it, you will see, that what has happened in America within the last year, has installed horrible nationalism which i very similar to that of the social nationalists party of wwII in Germany(the Nazis, lead of Adolph Hitler). This may sound extreme, but take a closer look at America, and it is truth. this is my life. this is my preaching. Sorry for anyone who doesn't care about this for making you read non weed post. PEACE!
  2. I agree fully. Bush is worse than Saddam.
  3. Bush is a terrible man. He isn't worse than Saddam, though. I think the war was bullshit, as were our reasons for starting it.

    God bless America.
    Right in the mouth.
  4. thing is, Bush has killed 97,000 more people then sddam ,if that.. ya know what im sayin?
  5. sweeeeet, a new thread about the war

    let the rant begin!!!

    ...actually i can't think of anything to say but i'll be back when i come down a li'l

    for the record i'm dead set against this joke of a war
  6. as are most sensible people [​IMG]
  8. I agree about America getting more like Nazi Germany every
    day. And I also agree that this war is senseless.

    Of course I think all war is senseless.
  9. In my few years of adulthood I have become to relize that America is by far the worlds worst place. The American government is so bullshit that they can do as they please. America is the problem not bush. I hate the place and I have decided that I will never ever go there and if I did I would have to be invading with an army.

    Australia is becoming more like america every day Howard has just spent 80 million dollars on a star wars defence system that we will never need to use [I hope]it will cost more money to keep it running too. If you have noticed the AUD is just about 80c to the USD it is already above the pound and growing every day.

  10. www.jihadunspun.com

    Check that out. Features non-mainstream news, which I prefer over CNN's bullshit and propaganda. Although, I don't really pay much attention to news anymore, it's depressing.

    I can't fucking wait until we get a different president. With our luck though Bush will proclaim himself king of earth.
  11. very very true and good.
  12. i think the fact that we didn't even try to sneak wmd's into irag to "find" implies that the powers that be honestly believed they would find wmd's there. It was a shitty pretense to go over there and dethrone saddam. If they wanted to do it that bad they should have just said so and took care of it in an honest killing rather than an underhanded one.
  13. neo of wnec...thats cool , i mean, i can agree to disagree, and i can see yoru point...but i guess i struggle believeing that there wil be less killing becaus eof this, since this is EXACTLY why these peopel cause, caos, because america is such a capatilistic, fascist "bully". And im not disputing that americans dont live well demesticlyy, i mean we use liek 100 times more resources then china and were liek a third as big as them so we do live it uo..but so did the Germans..just because america likes its own civilians doesnt mean its a good country...hitler liked his own civilians. but i do see soem of your points and repect your opinion, but disagree in many aspects, but its def nothign personal..its chill. PEACE!
  14. unlike most people on this site i am a conservative. GASP, a pot smoking conservative. Sure you can bash Bush, but what would you do in his postion, after you just saw the twin towers come crashing to the ground, just sit back relax, and wait for it to happen again. Hell no. I'd do somthing about it, and that is exactly what he has done. And all this crap about Bush being worse than Saddam, ya'll should seriously consider what you say. First of all Saddam has killed and tortured many of his own citizens, including his own family using such lovely methods as the gas chamber, decapitaion, fireing squad, mutialion, and incineration. If your not glad that this guy is out of power than you should seriously consider your ethics. But you are entitled to your opinion. Lets just say ya'll switched postions with an iraqi citizen. which means that you would hate saddam and be pro america. because of this you would already be dead, because you have no opinion in iraq, you do as the regime says. but we live in america, and that is what makes america great, the first amendment, free speech, press, religion. If you have not come to appreciate that right and not come to appeciate the men and women who have given their lives over the centuries, to give you that right, then i say you should leave.
  15. I can't accept that argument texas, whereas he should have done something about terrorism (afghanistan) he shouldn't have gone after the Iraqis. I don't care how powerful we are or how bad Saddam and his Baath party were, no modern country should start such a war without the complete and utter support of the world, I thought we learned this after Vietnam.
  16. I agree with TexasSmoker. First off most of y'alls statments are way off base and completely ridculous.

    Do you honestly believe that Saddam is worse than Bush? That is a completely asinine statement, to even compare the liberator of millions of people to the murderer of millions, is totally out of context. Have you ever seen Bush shoot his own stepbrother in the head with a pistol? How about rape a young girl? Huh, did Bush ever say that ANYONE who went against his policies would be tortured? Of course not. You may not agree with teh Iraqi Liberation policy but dont make yourself out to be an idiot by saying something like that. And if you honestly still believe that the closest thing that I can think of to the former Iraq is North Korea, why dont you take the money Bush gave you in his large scale tax cuts and buy a plane ticket over there, America would be better without you. That statement was a treasonous remark of your ignorance and although everyone deserves a right to live in this wonderful country, you are not welcome anywhere near me.

    That is completely wrong. Either way you look at it. If you are talking soldiers in a time of war then yes America was blessed by its great victories and should be thankful. I do believe to are forgeting the infamous Iran/Iraq war of the 80s? Millions of Iranian men died in a stalemate. You can betalking about civilians or maybe you are and just got Saddam and Bush mixed up because I reason that all the people Saddam gased and tortured to death in his own country coupled with the innocent lives of thousands of citizens of the US on September 11, 2001 lost should add up to about that probably more.

    How is America getting more like Nazi Germany everyday? Oh I know!! Its because of all those people that Hitler liberated when he invaded Poland and the rest of Europe. Well I guess as they are becoming more alike then we will be seeing 6 million of our citizens being shiped off to gas chambers in and around America. Wrong! Hitler invaded in a quest for European domination, I must have forgot about the 6 months of warning he sent to Poland that if they did not comply to the World's governing council that they would be invaded. Think to yourself, who had it worse, the Jews who were starved to death or burned or the Iraqi people who can for the first time vote in elections, after the respective invasions.

    I guess just like the crime rate did in Australia when guns were outlawed? here in America we live in a free society that even has a Bill of right mind you that protects us from that exact same situation, You know why we have that Bill of Right? Because America is free and people like our brave soldiers in Iraq die to keep it that way.

    If I catch you right you are saying that the US should have taken out Saddam without invading? If thats right then what do you think the CIA and Military Intelligence agencies have been trying for the last 10 years? You cant think that they have been sitting idle while all this was going on. If it was possible to displace Saddam without invasion then that would have been attempted. But the fact is without crippling his military and displacing the Bathe party completely then someone would have just taken his place. By the way, the replacement probably would have been one of his sons, guess that possibility is out of the way.
  17. its just to easy to refute everything that was just said..although liek i said in the beggining....i do not want to cause hate and bash eachother, i will try me very best not to, i hoep you can see that we are just debating politicts....but, witht hat in mind...the bllod inside my body honestly is boiling right now.grrrrrlol. everything you just said, respresents the ignorence which is so potent in todays american society. both texas and aggie.

    you said...

    Do you honestly believe that Saddam is worse than Bush? That is a completely asinine statement, to even compare the liberator of millions of people to the murderer of millions, is totally out of context.

    1)saddam hussein, DID NOT MUDER MILLION OF PEOPLE. NONSE HAS EVER SAID THAT, EXCEPT A FEW, VERY IGNORANT PEOPLE, WHO ASSUME THAT OUR BULLSHIT MEDIA GIVES YOU THE RIGHT IMPRESSION ABOUT SADDAM ,IRAQ, AND THE IRAQI CULTURE. Again i will say, my life, is to research this war right now, and Saddam hussein, has killed 3000 people, if you include the kurds. THIS IS NOT A DEBATEABLE STATEMESNT, AS IT IS A FACT. And..the Kurds were killed, debatably, bu iraqi civilians, not by hussein, even the cia said that afer it happened. dont believe me? http://www.polyconomics.com/searchbase/11-18-98.html
    Bush, on the other hand, has killed upward of 100,000. 10,00 civilians. this is true and also undebatable. This shows, with facts, that Saddam Hussein is several thousand times the man Bush. I am nto ignorent. i am not a nazi. i do this for a living. this is the truth. you are wrong. now....

    How is America getting more like Nazi Germany everyday? Oh I know!! Its because of all those people that Hitler liberated when he invaded Poland and the rest of Europe.

    haha. more ignorance. America is becoming Nazi Germany beacsue of extreem natiolism. (nazi=socail natiolist). the beliefe that ones state(country) comes over ones self, is naatilism, and what that emans is that americans are decuiding that it is the right thing to do to blindly fallow anything our country does. that is what happened in Germany, that is what is happening here. a mass genocide, and a mass genocide. an evil killer, and an evil killer. garnted, there are diffrences, and granted, what hitler did, was more brutal and extreme(on a historical sclae) then what bush has done, but the actiosn share many many charchteristc, as do the countries. if you were able to see, you would see this,however natiolism has blided you, and no doubt youl post angly hatred for me. i can respodn to everythign else you said, but i see no reason, since it is so easy. if you woudl liek me to repond to any specific point, ask me, and i will. n hatred though, PEACE!also, wen i get mad, i type bad, so sorry botu the typing stuf, and it is typing not spelling, im to lazy to spell check it though...i hoep you can decern it.
  18. If you had a choice, and had to live with either Bush or Hussein, who would you pick?
  19. Ok I'll bit I wanna see a reputable site say with a reliable source, that Bush has killed as you put it "100,000. 10,00 civilians,"whatever that is supposed to mean. Do you really believe the shit that communist on the radio Alex Jones or whatever says about people aheving computer chips to transmit their unpatriotic thoughts to a secret computer database? You find me where it says that Saddam didnt kill millions in the Iran/Iraq war, I guess it must have just slipped my mind cause I certianly dont remember Bush killing any civialians like you say, do remind me oh wise one....
  20. I was stoned earlier and got a little hot headed and I didnt realize what i wrote. I did not mean to imply that george W. Bush was the lesser of two evils I was only trying to portray how "out there" a remark like "Bush is worse than Saddam" is. Sorry for the Mix up. Another point i want to make is that under the Armastice of WWI and under UN policy it is a war crime for any country to ever use chemical weapons in anger or in threat of another country. And just for this he is liable and prosecutable for his illegal and unethical actions.


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