Opening your eyes to Police Corruption.

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  1. fuck man, that really blows. The 5-0 are assholes in alot of places. LI cops are filled with those types, but they still take the other parts pretty seriously.

    *puts on NWA*
  2. Wow, that kind of shit makes me so mad. I mean literally, makes u wanna punch the lights out of someone. That's just racism, and corruption to the fullest extent.

    I mean, obstruction....of what? He had a legal permit to throw a block party, and simply because someone was a victim of police brutality on the other side of the street, they come in and arrest him....WTF FOR? He had nothing, I mean absolutely nothing to do with the arrest on the other side.

    And trying to put some extra shit on the, I really hope that bitch of a cop careens off into a lightpole or something, and burns to death. I feel no sympathy for the death of that cop at all. I know it sounds evil, but if she was dying in front of me, I would not lift a finger to help her.
  3. It's sad that we must live in a nation with things like this accuring.
  4. Just me, or do some of the interviews at the beginning look dubbed over?
  5. Maybe it was a women. :smoking:
  6. Its messed up dude, and its all over this country... Theres scumbags everywhere.

    I think the cops were trying to get to the other side of the street, and at least two dudes were standing in the middle of the street when they tried to drive through... Now I'm sorry, but if you see a speeding cruiser coming at you, you might want to get out of the way... Legally I'm sure they can just run you over and not get punished.

    But that was obviously just an excuse. I mean they could have just yelled or beeped and kept going. If their fellow officers were in danger, they wouldnt hjave wasted the time.

    What I really hate is if there is an officer down, ever single cop in the city will rush to him/her.

    What the fuck? So they get special legal privelages? No. They should get the same treatment as every other law abiding citizen.
  7. yea, what the exact situation was this. as i was told by my mom when i brought up how mad this made me.

    She said, what happened, was at this block party, on the other side of the street, there was someone accussing someone else or doing something. NOTHING BIG, not a drug deal, not a murder, not anything, just suspicious activity. Most likely a bunch of kids smoking some bud or somen in an alley and some old dude called the cops, who knows?

    BUT when the cops heard, they try to FLY through that street(there real intentions to be there my mom said was to bust up the party because it made them nervous) they didnt use sirens to let people know they were coming, no honking, no lights, NOTHING, just going like 30 down this closed road with kids walking back and forth, and shit. what happened, was the guy who video taped the cops initially fliying through, stepped in front of two cop cars trying to race through the closed road, when he does, the white bitch cop, got mad, tried to accuse him of obstruction of justice and all that other shit u saw on the video. The cops were actually mad because he was videotaping them doing there wrong doing(illegal driving pretty much) so they arrested him, took him to the ground, took his camera, and noone has seen his camera or video since. they took it all, arrested him, and later dismissed the charges. THAT IS BULLSHIT!!!

    cops are just, shit. i mean, i respect the cops who do there business, bust the huge meth and heroin dealers, bust murderes, and most of all rapists. BUT cincinnati cops are just low life pricks who are looking at getting back at all the people who made fun of them as teeneagers, they were all loosers, and same still stands. Cincinnati is heading towards the worse, and for once, its not because of racial violance, gangs, murders, its by cops. Its terrible....

    although i will admit, its pretty bad hearing 5-10 people murdered a day in cinci.
  8. Thats fuckin pathetic, tax payers pay for that shit, FUCK THE SYSTEM!

  9. fo real i live in a sort of nicer part of cinci, and i have a few black friends, and whenver were chillin i see 2 or 3 cop cars drive by real slow
    but if its just my white buds, i hardly ever see a cop
    coincidence? maybe, but this has happened 6 times
    and tokin blue where u live?

  10. bro please, "Legally I'm sure they can just run you over and not get punished."
    bull fucking shit, if they ran over a person, they wud get charged just like any other person.
    ne ways i like at the end when the stupid bitch said "it was like a mini riot", what a stuipd ass. riot consists of an organized mob, thats breakin shit and throwing shit...these ppl where just having a good time, eating 'dogs and shit, and the 5-0 drives right thru AFTER the other cop cancelled the asstance. that was bullshit. if i were that kid in the car i wuddnt been fucking pissed; throwing a fucking fit in that car.
    although i didnt see any BS coming from the male cops, the females must have been bleedin if u know what im sayin. damn this makes me pissed.:mad:
  11. Hating cops just brings about more hate and doesn't solve anything. The more you push, the more they push back. If you just wanna be a tough guy, then by all means, provoke the cops. If you really care about social justice then find non-violent ways to deal with crooked cops and police brutality.
  12. Who are you going to call at 4 am when a nut job broke into your house?
  13. the fucking ghost busters.

    because the mother fucking boone county police arent gonna do shit.
  14. Nah man, state and federal vehicles have 100% the right of way no matter what... IF a fire truck is coming up the street, he can just plow through cars to get to the fire, and i'm sure it has happened in the past.

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