Opening your eyes to Police Corruption.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by nushaganazad, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Guys. :mad:

    i just. URGGG!!! i remember when all this shit happened, and this is the best of the worst that happened, this video doesnt high lite even close to the worst things during those years. This video is very very good, and if you finish it, i know its long, its worth it. GOD i just want to fucking rant and go NUTs!!!!

    TOTALLY KILLED MY HIGH!!! for a warning, i want to kill all CINCI cops, i hate them there bastards, the riots were totally worth while a few years back, and i hope i can join them when the war comes, cause believe me guys, cincinnati is going to rise up, and all the cops in cinci will be killed. it will all happen in ONE day in the future. , it will be insanity. and all i can say, is good riddens:devious:

    i bet the white bitch is already dead
  2. i would recommend you guys watch this

    it is interesting shit
  3. the white guy that got arrested... what did they arrest him for? on what basis?
  4. fuckin shitbags man. the white guy got arrested for filming them or sumthin. man i dont know how everyone stopped themselves from holdin those cops up against a wall and lettin everyone come and slap em. o yeah the cops would be naked. FUCK!
  5. Fuck police corruption, brutality, and enforcement of unjust laws.

    Thank you police for keeping murderers and rapists off the street.

    I will hate on the police for the bad shit they do, but don't forget who's gonna come to help you if you've been shot, or if your house is broken into.
  6. obstruction of justice.. he was cleared of all charges I believe.
  7. they arrested the white guy for video taping and because he was walking in the middle of the street as FLEW through the neighborhood that had a closed road and was partying. go to hell cops.

    herbs, i agree, i mean, its great what they do to help. BUT in cincinnati. thats non existant. cops do NOT catch murder'rs, they do NOT catch thieves, its just not what they do. they arrest drug lords, thats IT!. i havent seen a murder or theft investigation in YEARS in cincinnati. its not what there focused on. the complete city is corrupt man, you dont understand. its just, pure insanity. i hate it
  8. I'll be sure to watch it.
  9. Wow, thanks for the - rep guy, good job being a man and putting your name.

    And by the way, it was only a purple bar, haha your pathetic. Be a man and put your name with it. Fuckin ballless.

    BUT it was also left with, "police are people too, fuckin dick" haha. did i say they werent? BUT cinci police are using there powers like there invincible, and just abuse black people in cinci, its ridiculous. ur a waste of life noname pos.
  10. That's more fucked up than the police are, man. If folks over there are seriously going to start cop killing, then the righteous drug users will actually be stooping to a whole new level. I wouldn't fuck with that, if I were you. They're still people, with kids and wives, assholes as they might be. Hopefully I didn't take your post too literally.
  11. no u didnt take it to literally. its sad that i see and hear of elaborate plans of wanting to riot and take the city again, its only small time dealers in OTR, but its still serious none the less.

    Its fucked up when 15 black people are killed form 95-01 in the back of police cruisor BY the fucking cops.

    and not a single white, mexican, or any other race was ever harmed, to be totally honest, if i was black, and lived in OTR, i woulda killed many cops by now. because every one of them is racist. they should just leave OTR alone.

    in the 60's, crime was very high in cinci, it went down and down and down and down, and in the late 90s, crime was very low in cinci, then they put tons of cops on the streets.

    Crime hasnt ever been higher.
    im no where near racist
    but 9 times out of 10 whenever i heard of this shit i always thought they were makin it up or something u know...but damn
    they are corrupt
    hey what part of the nasty nati are u in anyway?
  13. Just to clarify, the jacob kid jumped out of the middle of the street infrount of the police cruiser. Yeah, thats against the law, big time. Sorry but that video is completly one sided and doesn't show really what happened, just a bunch of baseless opinions. I have to admit, some of the dialog the cops say sure as hell sounded stupid, but I feel that video is not showing a complete other side.

    Also, about the guy's car rollng back to the cops car. Uh, i dunno if they know this but when you get pulled over you're supposed to put the car in park, not in drive and leave your foot on the brake. Hell in some states it required you turn off the car completly.

    I've seen more cops do a raid than that in real life. Where I am from they had 10+ cruisers roll up and go inside the bar to hand out 90+ drinking violations and some fraud government documents charges to a bunch of college kids. This isn't really a race issue at all; all that race card bullshit is just played every chance people get to blast the situation out of proporton and to turn it to their favor to make it look like THEY are the victim.

    Also the "raise up and start a war in cini" is a complete ludicrious comment. You know what will happen? A ton of civilians will die from riot police, thats it, it has happened before numerious times in history all over the place and rioting has never solved anything. Of course then liberal journalist (like the ones who made this movie) will roll in and make the riot police look like the bad guys, it happens every time. Just my opinion anyhow of what happened, im sure i'll get plenty of negative rep about though.

    And just to add, that movie showed no rioting on EITHER side. I don't give a shit if some kid from Berkley made it, he took that video out of context and twisted for his own agenda. Maybe if I actually saw what really happened and the evidence that supports it, sure i'll change my opinion.
  14. oldschool, he isnt actually in cinci, hes in Ky

    and to hamburglar, it may be one sided for that video, but cops in cinci really are fucked up like that. it isnt wise to open your mouth about things you do not fully understand. Black in cinci have it AWFUL
  15. Aye, I accept that, I was just commenting on the video and from what I saw in my perspective.

    Where I live (and go to college) the locals literally mug college kids every night, but they are NEVER arrested. Some reason the police in my town is way more concerned about a keg party then a store being held up. Hell my brother one time got jumped by 3 hispanics, a black guy, and a white guy right outside a bar because one of the assholes said he was "looking at him in a wrong way."
  16. yea hamburgler. but trust me, Cincinnati, and the rest of the country, are different. The cops here are worse off than anywhere else. and OTR is one of the worst places in the country as well. Its a scary place that if u mention it in kentucky to someone who knows about it chills go down there spine(cause of things they hear, not truth, its really not as bad as its protrayed, but the black people like the fear they have in most of the white community around)

    The video wasnt one sided either. the cops are just that gay and the guy didnt jump out in front of the car, THE ROAD WAS CLOSED!!! and they were having a block party and there were kids on the road, he was taking the bullet for the little kids the cop would have blatently ran over without caring.

    edit-and yea, there wasnt much riotting either, but that video was only of two incidents that have happened recently, the riots were brought up by 15 racist murders by police in 6 years, without a single other race to be even touched.....the riots were ludacris lool.

    and in my perspective from living here my whole life, ive seen how the cops treat the black people here, we need another civil war pretty much. there pretty much just slaves to the cops. if you do one thing they dont like, illegal or not, they iwll either, assault you, arrest you, or both, and then when u see them doing this to somemeone, you either A)video tape it for proof, and get assaulted and the video taken from you by the police. B)try to say something, and get assaulted and arrested. C)video tape it, get arrested, keep video, and nothing ever happens because of the tape. or D) do nothing, and watch, then try to testify, and be called a lier. or just do nothing, and the same shit keeps happening
  17. that's fucking awful
  18. Those cops had no right to arrest him. Their lights didn't look like they were on, the sirens weren't going. They had a permit to close the street so nobody expected there to be mass cops rolling up going extremely fast. That blonde bitch needs to find a new profession, but it's funny how all the kids were saying them white cops almost hit me and shit when the only guy to get arrested is white. Damn, the people in cinci really know how to get down. Now i know that all the shit Bone Thugz rap about is true.

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