Open Eyed Meditation

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    Hey all I just wanted to get your thoughts on this wonderful technique.
    I got to know a tincy bit about it through practice and some light reading in the summer, and I had crazy results :O I mean really crazy. I did most of it outside in the countryside, and was stunned. I was able to get ships to appear and fly down. In my room, I could get beings to appear. I never really though much of it until a few days ago at something called, "guys group," at my school. Basically what it is, a teacher at the school who doesnt work in the afternoons takes his time off, to get together with a group of guys from the school and do various things. IE Samurai drill(s), meditation, talking, etc... We do our Samurai drills A LOT and everytime we do them, and everyone experience what follows: People's face will change. They will constantly change, and each time it will be a different "being." This guys group the teacher had a friend come in, and a few people asked him about it. He said your just unravelling the layers you don't normally see. He called it open eyed meditation, and this sparked a few memories.

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on it? It's really, really interesting and the results are fantastic. For some people, you can do it right away, others it's really difficult. If you don't know how to do it, theres a tutorial in my blog.

    So yea, thoughts, experiences, what not.

    Peace and love :hippie:

    I've had many, many intense spiritual experiences, but most don't come close to what I've experienced using this technique. It's absolutely unreal, and the fact anyone can do it.... It's outstanding.
  2. explain more

  3. Okay basically it consists of staring at a wall for example, and in your peripheral vision for both eyes, focusing on one object each. However you don't look at the objects directly, you sense it. You keep doing this, and do it while meditating, you will have phenomenal results. I know I didn't do that great of a job of explaining it, this is one of the hardest things for me to explain

    This is a easy to understand tutorial: Open Eye Meditation - Project Meditation

    This gives you a good diagram of what the technique looks like: AMAZING Open Eye Meditation
  4. Sounds interesting, I've actually come across that article in your 2nd link years ago. Phenomenal website. Will try it out tonight.
  5. I've done this for years .. lol didn't know it was a "thing"

  6. Neither did I lol, I literally have my mind in a meditative state when im driving my daily commute to work/schol. At least a kind of insight meditation/contemplation.

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