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Oozing Canadian Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StOHned, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Okay so I got some made moist weed that my dealer says is from Canada. My gf asked why it was so wet and some kid told us it's a type of weed that oozes every hour or so. Is he just bullshittin us or is that true? I'm really gullible so I kinda believed it.
  2. No.. There is no oozing weed.
  3. No, i don't believe that at all. It probably just wasn't dried all the way. If it's still wet you might want to hang it up a little with a fan blowing not directly on but around it. I wouldn't smoke it if it was wet. But the whole... oozing thing just really isn't true.
  4. lol, total bullshit. They definitely just wet them, or didn't dry them to retain the water weight so they could make more profit.
  5. ahh...i love how many ways people find to rip people off
    how could a dead plant "ooze"?

    smoke it up, im sure itll burn, just sloww
  6. Hahah call him out on his shit, I live near Toronto and I've never seen weed here ooze :cool:
  7. are you sure its just not super sticky bud
  8. ^^^Probably this
    Pics would be nice too:)
  9. Lol. well I smoked it, and got very high. It gave me mad giggles
  10. :hello: i read the thread and it gave me the "giggles" :smoking:

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