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  1. alright, so i had some fucking lovely headdies the other week, I was breaking it up and took the seeds out, I wanted to see if I would be able to germinate them, just for fun. Well, they germainated, now what. I dont really want to just toss them out, I would loveee to grow them to harvest but I have a few glitches to that plan...

    a) I have never grown in my life, I have no clue how
    b) I live with my parents and ever since I got caught they watch me pretty closely
    c) im not sure but i dont think you can grow a plant in the middle of summer in North Carolina ...

    im not sure where I would put the thing, it cant smell AT ALL and how much room would I need ?
  2. Sorry, but you have more than "a few glitches" to your plan, you don't have a plan at all...

    Don't grow in your parents' house.

    Don't germinate seeds if you have no idea what to do when they sprout.

    Don't have unrealistic expectations about what it takes to grow a crop.

    When you have your own secure place to grow then you should read up on the grow guides, understand what kind of space and money and time and resources you will need to devote to it, create your grow space, get all your tools and supplies and stuff, and then germinate some seeds.
  3. yeah, you are right forsure. maybe oneday .......

    thanks for putting things in perspective for me.

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