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    well, she started out very healthy[​IMG] got fungus gnats in my flowering tent which then infested my veg room, so i went to my local hydro store and bought some Gonat. i turned the lights off and i mixed it up at a weak strength and sprayed it on all the plants top soil, i wasn't careful not to get it on the plant because it said it was a foliar spray. well, one day later it was covered in burns, twisted, some leaves were shriveled up to nothing, and now she looks like this[​IMG]about 1 week old. she is an autoflower. all of her sisters have pulled through and started growing healthy leaves but she hasn't, should i just pull her?
  2. I'd say it's up to you.. if it was me, I'd keep it and just see what is possible with a sickly plant. But that's just me.
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  3. No, it likely isn't worth your time. Generally speaking, once a plant goes through that kind of stress it doesn't harvest well or goes hermie. I thrive on the unknown though so that's why I, personally, would keep it until it came to the point that I had learned all I could possibly learn from it then do away with it. Again, that's just me. But it's not me, it's you. No shame in doing away with it.
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  4. Id keep on keeping on too just coz once i start something like to finish and plants can suprise you sometimes and just spring back
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  5. Truly
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  6. i didn't want to waste all that soil on her, so i transplanted her into a much smaller pot. (probably gave her less of a chance but oh well) it's been about a day and she looks exactly the same.

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  7. Nematodes for gnats.

    I have been battling gnats since day one and tried everything. Mosquito bits, neem oil, neem meal, insect soap, nothing worked until i got nematodes.

    Very cheap and most come with 2 doses. They are live parasites that kill gnat larvae. One application destroyed the gnat problem. Within 1 week i hardly saw any. After first app apply another in 1 week and they didnt have a chance.
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