oops plant getting too big lol

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  1. So this is my first grow. Unfortunately I started flowering too late and now, about a week into flowering, the plant is nearly touching my light (see pics) lol. ANY advice on solutions? Taking them out and putting them back in the closet every 12 hours is not a possibility. Thanks in advance.



  2. Lst it down some
  3. ^^^ defiantly
    also it looks like cfl I would tie those girls down but also try and and get your light to adjust up and down So you can put cfl as close to plant as possible like 3 in ( which will make it stretch less as well) and you plant has tons more light !
  4. Just youtubed some LST videos, had never heard of it before. I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. Ya dude it's awesome stuff ! I notice I get much more clones that are healthy but idk maybe it's just me
    Good luck man hopefully it turns out well !!!!
  6. Yes Lst is a badass concept, it helps out alot in the vertically challenged grow space. Id personally lst now before its too late hahah! shes gonna double if not tripppple in size thru flowering. You could always top it and lst aswell, just bend that bitch over and show her whos boss!.....shell thank you. and youll thank you too.:hello:
  7. Yeah Im def going to do this with my plant
  8. You kept that light too far away. That plant ain't big it's just skinny and tall. Lower that fluoro a few inches away and lst it.

    LST is low-stress training. You basically just bend the plant stem to any side and tie it down so the hormones get reallocated to different areas of the plant. This'll allow it to bush out more and actually get "big."
  9. I would definitely try to add some side lighting while your add it. Your buds will grow bigger.

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