oops! i left my light on last night!!!

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  1. im running timers on all my shit my air pump, my LED panel, and my 125w CFL (witch is a bad ass light by the way) witch is ideal right! Well i went and got a couple of 23w cfls for my babies while they are in flowering!!! They have been in flower for about 2 weeks and i accidentaly left on of the 23w cfls on laste night all night!!! whats the worst that could happen
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    "Whats the worst that can happen"
    Don't stress its not the end of the world , its a little stressful to your girls and they missed an entire night of bud growth but they will be fine. Remember its the DARK-CYCLE that you don't want to interupt. /cheers
  3. awesome thank you! have you done anything with bubble buckets
  4. No i'm more of a organics type. But i have seen some amazing results from them.

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