Ooops, we clipped after flowering. Did we kill our plants?

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  1. We clipped fan leaves (too many?) about 3 weeks after flowering.

    I already know I got a height problem, waited too long to flower... really did this sloppy the first time.

    So now they are drooping, and some of the branches even falling over... I had to prop the back of the plants up.

    I increased air flow, but I think we might have 'killed?' our plants by over-pruning during flowering.

    Any advice or questions that you can ask to get me on a track that doesn't involve these plants dieing?

    We pruned about 3 days ago.

    It's my understanding (now) that each fan leave provides energy to it's node. If this is the case, I think i'm screwed.

    These plants were once so dense you couldn't see through them.

    Blue Dream on the Left, Sour Disel on the right:

  2. Don't worry, you haven't killed them/they won't die. What will happen is that there will be a decrease in the amount of production in the nodes affected, and some that haven't. The worst to cut is the leaves right off the main stem, unless they are near the bottom (4-5 nodes up max) in which case you're doing just fine. Off the side shoots it's only advisable to cut very small leaves and again, the nearer to the main stem the less effect it will have on production.

    You can't do much now to correct the problem but in the future it is advisable not to cut any leaves once flowering has started, unless absolutely needed for wind flow underneath the plant or portions of leaves that are blocking out many sites below.

    Just continue to do what you've been doing and I doubt you'll have anything to worry about.
  3. you are just fine. Many breeders recommend a trim at some point in flower. I know someone doing an LA woman that recommends trimming at about 5 weeks.

    You might have helped the plant out. I trim my girls, but i dont go hog wild ill on them.

    don't worry, they are quite ok.

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