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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Scooter, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. hey can anyone name the most know bud?I know BOMB,SHAKE,BAMAR,and thats it.anyone know any others?
  2. Do you mean strains?


  3. i guess.i dont know.
  4. i remember now.Ok its like i would go up to a dealer and be like"i need a 20 sack of bamar"when im at school thats what we call it.Not like Purple cush.I dont know anyone that sells it.But i think the most common bud at my school is "bomb"
  5. hello, i've never heard of any of that. haha. i've heard northern lights, kb, chronic, banana (new one for me), blueberry chronic from amsterdam, and shwag
  6. Hey Scooter, don't pay $20 for a "dimebag" of bammer! That's rape.
    What you need to know is that bomb is the only way to go ~ it may be more expensive, but definitely worth it. I saw this thread and heard someone mention strains so I have to open my phat mouth and name a couple of my favorite strains, OK? :)

    Blue Dot
    Romulan x'd with Hash Plant (the Romulan's taste is unique!)
    Blue Dot
    Blue Dot
    Blue Dot
    The club right now has this Blue Dot that is like heaven in a bag. Loaded with THC crystals, bright green, riddled with orange hairs, and a stone that is so intense you kinda want to save it for later at night when you're not going anywhere.

    Good luck in the game of the green ~ hope you find some bomb up in sacto! :)
  7. around here its KB and blueberry, altho no one ever really has blueberry it is very well known............. plus g-13 is another well known, well not that well but the majority of real smokers around here have had it and know about it here
  8. fire,bomb,purple cush and jay's juicy fruit.
  9. poontang...good enough to eat.
  10. cool :D

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