Ooohh Ffuuuckkk!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. JESUS CHRIST!! i just realised i havent taken a shit in over a month i havent felt the urge to go or nothing man and this is all after i started doing weed, i do alot about 6 joints and 4 bowls a day why is it making me so fucking constapaded? and will it go away? wtf is happenin?

    btw im high now so if you write back make sure ur clear about it so not to confuise me
  2. tow reasons could come up:

    you ave but have not noticed it.

    Your digestive system is all fcked up.

    if indeed you havent for several days, go to the doc.
  3. nevermind i shit tonight aww man thats better was spooked but ya no shit i didnt go for over a month maby its just the way my system is when im stressed :/

  4. What critter said...

    If you didn't go for a month......................... you'd already been in a hospital a long time ago!!!!!!!!
  5. ya but seriously it wasnt that bad when i finally shit and it had been a month this has been happening ever since i started smoking weed, usually 4 days to a week tho never a month but fuck i guess it was just an abnormality in my system
  6. your luky man at least your dont get every two hours i got an exxxttrrrreeemmly sensitive stomache i got a freakin prarie dog hangin out evry two minutes man
    ITz like CRazy man
  7. eat fibre- oranges are great for when you wanna take a dump- I remember before leeds fest- I ate 6 oranges. That cleared out the old system. Then I took a few immodium and BANG- don't need to use the disgusting festival toilets.

  8. genius!
  9. Plums are good for clearing out the system, too. And they're tasty. Sometimes (like today) I wish I didn't like them as much as I do. I had to go to the bathroom waaaay too many times today.

    Maybe I shouldn't eat two plums a day anymore :p
  10. thanks for the help guys i got all kinds of weird shit with me, not shitting for a month, stop breathing when im asleep and then waking up, not feeling hungry for 4 days then pigging out when im high or asleep so ya a weird world i live lol
  11. I've gone a long time, never a month. Start taking vitamins, eat more fruit and vegetables, and less munchies, maybe even see a doctor.

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