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oooh ima bad mom

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. :D i just sat here an ate someones white chocolate bunny,..hehe

    probably i better just get the other two outta there so it's equil.
    but it was good

  2. Did some one let their own hunger over ride their common sence?

    You should make a trip to the market tommorrow!!!!!!!
  3. believe me it wont be missed :rolleyes:, just wait budhead, be gettin waaaay too much as it is
    an critter thanks for worrin bout my thighs ;)

  4. Kids got it made and still complain about not having nothing.. I know what thats about!
  5. SHAME ON YOU!!! Yes, I know I'm yelling! Shame, Higha!!!

    Was it worth it??? I hope it was at least better than 'good' maybe great.
  6. Just bite the heads off and tell them they came like that.............with all that extra tape on the package.

  7. bad mommy!
    LOL. sounds like my house at easter.
  8. mmmmmmmmm white chocolate...

    by the way Sens.... i hate to say it.... but i love your avitar. :)
  9. k, first im laughin cause i juuust replied to our jedi knights MOM liking my how much HE likes yours sensi. frankly dont blame him. hot,hot,hot

    pokie, i usually can wait till after they at least get the candy then i bite the ears offf, tellem they did it. same thing happens to the peeps.

    rumjilly it was delicious,scrumptious,superalitive.... and even great. yea it was worth it :D
    there gettin soo much candy they wont miss it at all.
    i remember when all i got was just a little candy....
    now kids be's, bubblemachines, an a whole umbrella/hat/shoe thing anda shitload of candy. ok whoooo commercialized easter it wasnt me. i just gotta go along or i look like a big craphead with chrismas lights still on in july.

  10. HIGH All, HIGHa it took years and RMJL to get ours down....and you STILL have yours ON come on HIGHa get out in that tree and get'em down.

  11. AWWW Highawatha, did ya' just get the munchies? ROFL........ yeah right, bad mommy... that beautiful big ass back yard with the swings and geooorgious pool!!
  12. haha higha..... i hate white chocolate, its nasty. dark chocolates my fav. mmmmmm, so good!
  13. ya missed it unoit...just the other day i climbed those little trees and cut alll the lights down brotha. an honestly.......if ithought they woulda still worked ida TURNED EM JUST FOR YOU! :p and rumjilly. but there gone now...never
    ss for chocolate....first dark, then white, then milk....
    msmj, come on over an float with me in the sumsumsummertime fora nice tan.

  14. ... 'Cause there ain't no tellin who who else is watching them. :D
  15. puffy, now whered THAT come from? eh
    as for my hips boys,
    stop worryin your silly little heads there FINE! :D

  16. Its the full moon, we can't help it. Haven't you been reading our posts?

  17. LOVE TO SAY IT!!!! YEAH! ;) thanks :)
  18. chocalate bunnys are awsome
  19. I'm still trying to see the thighs and buttocks. they must be hiding behind a rock!

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