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Ontario pickuppppp ~ Juicy Fruit !!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sifika, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Picked up this bud for a good price, couldn't resist taking some pics for gc.






    Macrooooooo !!!!:cool:

  2. damn man this makes me really look forward to running out of this crappy outdoor bud ive been smoking and pick up some real dank.
  3. man oh man that is nice. blaze that shit dude! :smoke:
  4. It has been WAY too long since I had some JF! Nice score, mind if I ask how much it cost?

    Oh and great to see another TN head here on GC.
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys, the bud was 120 for a half oz. :bongin:
  6. Jeez.
    Multiply that by two, and that's what I pay. Well, really it's just $200 for a half oz, but you get the point.

  7. im in the same position lmfao
  8. Where in Ont if I may ask?
  9. picked up some of this too, havnt tried it yet

    Thanks once again for the kind words GC,!
  11. Damn...Im gonna cry...thats what i pay for a quarter bag :cry:

    nice bud though
  12. oh my gaaad the third nug on the pic where there's three nugs layin out on a container or somethin... sooooo red and juicy
  13. Still smoking on this bud, smells sooooo nice :D:D
  14. Congrats man, looks like you will be having some fun with this. how is the taste?
  15. wish i lived in Ontario :confused: why dont I
  16. Real nice pickup bro.
  17. damn that shit looks good, orange hairs. chronic baby
  18. damn man everytime i see weed from canada that shyt gets me upset and happy lol. how in the world can they get $200 zips and in nyc we pay 350-500 for exotics???

    meanwhile in nyc we have 8 million ppl and i know like 15 dealers alone in one little town in queens. and STILL the prices r mad high. either all of you middlemen ARE FUCKED UP or i just dont have a good connect to get zips.

    very niceeeeeeeeeee pickup btw. :)
  19. yea i had some shit like this in austin sometime last winter. looks real similar. quite a bit cheaper though. lol. for 120 you'd get a quarter here. i paid 380 for an ounce of this shit.

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