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  1. Hey just had some questions about growing in southern ontario.

    Do you guys use clones or seeds started indoors?
    Are your plants out yet (cuz theres been frost warnings and stuff)?
    How big are your plants when you put them in the ground?

    Just need to get a feel for this and see if I'm on the right track.

    I've got 3, 5 inch tall "purple(god knows which kind)" clones that were just transferred to 2'' soil pots under 24 hr light along with one larger plant I grew from seed which is about a foot high.

    I'm looking to move outside in the next few days, have you guys already gone outdoors? or what? lol
  2. Ok,
    I used to live there.
    Seed plants will grow larger but the short answer is, usually you would use clones.
    The bigger the better, of course. Bigger plants are more of a challenge to the guerilla, of course.
    You can put plants outdoors in southern Ontario after May 24 weekend, so you're good.
    plant the bagseed separate from the clones, as it may be a male.
    You going in the fields? Remember to find out about spraying times if you are.
    As you've transplanted them recently, you either have to wait until they have rooted the new pot fully, or put 'em out and risk it. It's time they were out anyway, man.
    Don't fret though. It's not too late.
    Have fun

  3. Nah I'm not planting in fields, its two forest clearings with three plots (for the purp. clones), and one pot in a swampy area with tons of sunlight and tough to get to (for the bagseed). All of them have prepped planting holes, and tons of sunlight (thank you machete).

    Yeah and about the clones, I got them late from a buddy, who is currently producing them. He didn't have any rooted ones so I just got what I could. But giving them some indoor time can help me boost their growth with more light.
  4. Hey man, glad to see another Ontario grower. My operation has just started recently. I always start from seed to ensure nice and wholesome plants with good yield. I am doing about 30-45 plants this year all outdoors for flowering, indoors for most of veg.

    My plants will be going out in about a week from now, they are currently sprouting. The average plant size outdoors in mid October will be around 3-5 feet depending on your strain and how much light the plant gets. The plant can exceed those heights with the proper lighting, nutes, soils and ferts. A big factor in Ontario forests are people finding your stash, so make sure your plants are very well hidden from the public. There are also a wide array of animals that roam the forests, so keep the plants gated or fenced off to avoid them being trampled or eaten. Good luck on your grow and keep up posted! :smoking:
  5. I see Toronto in your sig sifika, does that mean you're not too far north?
    Just wondering because you said your plants are only being sprouted just now. Even I would consider that a bit on the late side of things. Provided you're not up north where its still snowing apparantly.
  6. Haha yeah I'm actually close to Toronto and I'm on the late side this year. I do have some plants out and they are getting a lot of stress and purple stems so I decided to bring my crops out 2 weeks later this year. Hopefully my yield is not affected!:smoking:
  7. Whats going on Ontario

    I live even more up north in Ottawa and they have been in the ground for about 2 weeks now. They were roughly 3 weeks old (dry seed) when I did the transplant. I dont know why but they say the last frost up here is May 5th (bullshit) I dont put them out until the 3rd week of May.

    Btw dont put seedling under 24 hours of light they will be very confused when you put them outside... I would put them under 16/8 since thats the amount of sunlight we have. Remember to harden them off under the sun for a week or so before transplant so they dont shock too much.

    I have a grow log on this site in my sig. Stop by so we can help/compare each other.

  8. Ok well I got them switched over to a 16-8 schedule now, they still have a little way to go sadly, except for the seed grown which is ready for planting, I may go out and do it tonight ( I kinda need the cover of darkness to move it lol).
  9. Ok, I felt that it was getting too late to move the ladies outside, so three of them have been placed in their holes. Two of the Purp clones are in one spot (two plots obv.), and the bagseed is in another plot with plenty of sun.

    The third and final clone is still under my lamps because
    1. Its spot is hard to get to without being spotted in daylight.
    2. In case the other purps. get shocked or die somehow in the next day or two.
    3. I want to see if more rooting will give this clone an edge.

    I'm considering taking pictures to show all of you, but I really don't know how to do that without filling my photobucket account with pictures of drugs I may or may not be growing. Sounds kinda heat ya know?

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