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Ontario General Weed Prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by firewall1, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Well. Alot of people seem to ask this question. So i figured id make a thread and put it in my sig for anyone that cares to look or research before asking :).

    EDIT:im seeing alot of people wondering about half quarters :D but i guarantee you ask anyone down here and they know it as a half quarter.. well maybe not guarantee. but a fair amount

    Note:These prices are from my experience and word of mouth.
    Nickelbag/joint/doob/spliff/.5 = $5

    Dimebag/gram/1.0= $10 - 25 TOPS! DO NOT PAY MORE DO NOT PAY MORE

    dub/twin/twenty/2.0=$20- maybe 25 if its Dank

    Halfquarter/halfquad/HQ/1/8/3.5 = $25-40

    Quarter/Quad/1/4/7.0 = $40-60

    Half Oz/Half/1/2/14.0 = $70-95

    Ounce/oz/onion/zone/zip/27.0-28.0 = $130-220 (oz price has alot to do with quality. always look at the bud before hand)

    Remember. These prices are what ive encountered, been offered, and or heard about.

    Just trying to help some newbies not get ripped off:hello::smoke::smoke:

    Happy toking everyone!:wave:

    P.S:if you came here from my sig. id like to know. just to see how many people used my sig for this
  2. do they really call it half quarter or is it called an eighth? sorry if its a useless post ive just never seen or heard half quarter in my life
  3. we never use the term eigths down here.. ive actually never heard it in my life before reading here. we always call them half quads
  4. oh one more thing how much is a quarter pound and pound there? your prices are close to those where i am.
  5. in London, ON when I was up there for school - they called it an eighth/quarters/half oz etc. ran me about $50 for a quarter. i moved back down right outside windsor and everyone was giving me these strange looks when I was calling em quarters. Either way its about about 10 bucks more a quarter down here. :S
  6. ya im most certainly not surprised people use the term. so i included it. but ive never heard anyone use it around hamilton.

    and ive never needed a quarter pound/half pound/ pound

    most ive ever bought was an oz and a half at one time
  7. Hahaha wtf... half quarter?
  8. Yeahh here where I'm from we call it A half q.
  9. all of america we call it an 8th
  10. I'm from Hamilton, ON and the only way I have herd people call an eighth a "half quarter".

    Anyways, the prices seem pretty decent if your picking up mids. Obviously higher quality weed will get you higher prices if you buy above an eighth.

    A half pound in Ontario for some good mids is about $1500, and a pound is around $2200.
  11. haha ya from where im from everyone calls it a half quarter, i never herd someone call it an 8th before until i came to these boards.

  12. I have, all my life. It's a liter, not a gallon. Get on with the metric system.:smoking::smoking:

    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]I am a pathological liar.......And post only out of boredom![/FONT]:smoking::smoking:
  13. richmond hill, ON. i always use eighth but everyone around me says half quarter so thats what i say now too. i lol'ed when i said half quarter in some thread and people got freaked out

    either way, OP, i dont know what bud you get for 25 a gram, it better be amaaaaaazing. maximum i ever paid was 15 for a gram and it was a one hit wonder bud
  14. A dime is a $10 sack, a dub, $20.
    How do you figure $10 worth of trees is 10-25?
  15. Im from Ontario too. Ya we call eigths half quads. Its pretty stupid, I guess most dealers dont understand basic fractions. If I say eigth my dealer looks at me like a retard. Most of these prices seem legit. We have standard dro that you can find anywhere in Ontario. You Americans would call it dank, but were used to much better so, we just call it dro. Never pay more than 10 a g in Ontario, or your gettin ripped off.

    Half q: 25-30 anymore and your gettin ripped off (unless its dank then it might be 35)
    Quad: 40-50 (55 or 60 for some dank)
    Half : 75- 100 (100 is pretty steep, only pay that if its real good dro or some dank)
    Oz: 130 -180 (anything above 180 better be amazing or it aint worth it) Ive seen kush go for as high as 260 but if you live in Ontario and your paying more than 280 no matter how good, your a tool
    QP: 450 - 600 (I payed 6 bills for some amazing purple shit, but good dro is usually around 500)
    HP: 800-1000
    Pound: 1500 - 1800
  16. yo im from Aurora, pretty close to you. And yeah the most Id pay for a g is 15 and it better be some fire. The most Ive ever payed was 20$ for 1.6 grams of kush.
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    @everyone questioning the 25 dollar grams. yah. i am talking about the super knock you on your ass cant see talk or think straight for the next 2 hours from half a hit dank. and even then. in my life ive only been offered it. ive never actually bought a dime over 15. and i have to say.. this $25 weed looked liked it would fuck me if i bought it. i swear i could almost see the hole for my dick. but i passed it up. im not gonna lie if i had the bucks i woulda tryed it

    @caligrown,i tryed to include most of the slang for the amounts as to not confuse anyone.
    i think the general consensus of a dime bag is 1 gram, not 10 dollars worth.

    @everyone again. these prices range from low middies to dank. because around here. we usually dont here strain names. we see the bud and are basically told to make up our mind on whether its good enough (a smell, a feel, and a toke)
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    wow, these prices sound sick.

    itd be great if someone could post some correlating pictures for these prices. like what would a $130 O look like? a $260 O look like? here for 130 ud only get decent mids, which means like no hairs no crystals, plenty of seeds. for 100 u can get some stemmy,seedy brown pancake buds.

    saying mids can mean different things depending on where u are. some ppl actually get hairs and a lil crystals while others get mexican brick
  19. Hamiltonian (ion?) here, and ive never heard of a "half-quarter"....
    Oh well i never buy by amount i just say like "fifty bucks" or whatever i have (usually less)
    So its all good. Man. I wanna go buy some weed now....
  20. Ill go buy a half on saturday, Ill post pics:D

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