Ontario Canada Grow Laws?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sunwave, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. I've tried to figure out what the laws are in Ontario when it comes to growing but I was unsuccessful. Can someone help give me a link to the gov site that specifies what the laws are here for growing? I think I remember awhile ago vaguely that it was something like up to 4 plants would get you a $500 fine or something like that. But I have no idea what the laws are right now and it's definitely important to know your rights.. so if anyone knows what the link is that explains it that would be incredibly helpful.

  2. I'm curious too, As far as I know if you have a no/small record, a job and dependants you pretty much goto axe murder somone or directly withold or fuck the gov out of money to do time. Look in to the legal I finaly did and it's more than fair enough if you can find somone to sign.
  3. I couldnt be anymore confused about what you said.

    but Im looking for a link so that I have proof of what the law actually is.
  4. Does anyone have a link that shows detailed proof of what the law is?
  5. Can someone let me know what the law is here... with a link providing proof.
  6. How do i figure out what the laws are here? If anyone can show a link as proof that would be really helpful. Thanks!!
  7. Lol, i see no one has helped you out here. Im in ontario to, and i have 13 plants growing. Seeing as how im at work now and board, ill try and find it now....
  8. Thanks for providing that link and helping me out!

    Can you let me know if im interpreting the information correctly?

    Up to 3 plants its a $500 fine?

    4 to 25 plants is $25000 fine and 18 months in jail?

    That sounds extreme as hell.. Is that what the law really is here though?
  9. Honestly i didnt even read it. But geezees... Im going to read it now....
  10. That link seems like its an older version of what you originally posted... It isnt specific about growing at all.

    But the first link is also incredibly murky as well even though its deeply detailed. It doesnt really say specifically this is the exact law and thats it. It only makes you ask even more questions. I think its important for everyone to know exactly what the law is without having to guess.
  11. Yes i understand, i think they (goverment) does that for a reason. This way if you get caught they fuck you ! But let all just not get caught, growing should be iilegel anyways, i dont do anything chemicaly to the plant to make it cannabis, it doesnt make any sense. Fuck it... i need a joint.
  12. yuuuup sounds about right. We can all thank the conservatives for this.

    The liberals have attempted to change these laws multiple times.

    Fuck stephen harper and his shitty guitar playing.
  13. In the first link it mentions The NDP a lot.. Do either of you guys know which party is the best to vote for that supports justified marijuana laws?
  14. The NDP has changed their views allot and i think the best we can expect from them is softer laws, for complete legality either green party (which has more of a chance) or the marijuana party, however you will find most elections both parties aren't talked about much. Its all conservative this liberal that.
  15. The only parties that will ever win though are NDP.. Liberal or conservative.

    So do u know which of them is the best to vote for?
  16. wow.....thats like saying i could only ever die by burning drowning or electricution, so which one should i choose, be alittle open-minded man, if those are the only parties that can get into power then your vote means nothing and it doesn't matter which one you vote for.

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