ONTARIANS, Report in?

Discussion in 'General' started by jahkush, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Curious to see how many of us are from Ontario, Canada (best province in the country kthx)

    What city/town? Ottawa here.
  2. Bump for 4 views in almost 12 hours, lawl.

    Come on!
  3. ottawa haha
  4. I'm an hour north of Toronto...I know theyre are a bunch of us on here...

    Just got off a long days work about to smoke a couple bowls through the Illadelph..


  5. Niiiice, I have yet to see an Illadelph in a headshop in Ottawa.

  6. There is an awesome shop in Barrie called Liquid Chrome...They even have some bongs in the thousands lol....
  7. Im from hamilton, any1 else?

  8. Nice nice, I wanna get me a Toro. Those copper electroforms are fucking SICK, but so expensive.
  9. Richmond Hill
  10. This thread already exists, of course.

    Im just east of Toronto

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