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Only Weed And Nothing Else

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by youngfranko, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. i Only Smoke Weed, No Blunts, No Alcohol,No Tobacco, No other drugs, or anything. i smoke every single day almost. All i smoke is Bowls, Joints, Bongs, and One Hitters. FOR A TRUE WEED SMOKER, WEED IS ALL YOU NEED! Anybody feel the same?:smoke:
  2. Bro that's me exactly! I'm like the biggest straightedge when it comes to alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical drugs, and caffeine! Bro I am choosing the healthier alternative and for my body to live its longest I will only stick with weed because it is not a drug it is a herb! I also use a MFLB to save my lungs!
  3. No, I don't. Psilocybin and Dimethyltryptamine have safer health indexes than aspirin. Look it up.
    But I do stay away from tobacco, and will have an occasional drink once or twice a year.
  4. I'll do any drug that makes me feel good which means all of them

  5. Go do some bath salts and let me know if you feel good. You should consider preserving your body. Just my two though, do you..
  6. yup... used to drink ALOT - the appeal wears off totally when you become an everyday smoker.
  7. Yeah weed is definitely awesome. I am a fan of psychs myself but cannabis is such an awesome background drug.:smoke:
  8. [ame=]Wiz Khalifa - Mary x3 (Dirty Version) HD HQ - YouTube[/ame]

    The song is 4:20 for a reason.
  9. Temptation is hard to resist sometimes.
  10. Every day smoker, every other day-ish drinker.. So no. Also e-cigger, love my nicotine. Really been wanting some psychs like the ones mentioned above lately, but not for any hard use or anything. Never been hard on them but sometimes I start feeling depersonalized.. And a nice experience away from reality can really ground me again, if that makes sense to anyone here...
  11. I drink every now and then (once a week usually).
    I also put a tiny bit of tobacco in my blunts/bongs cause when I'm really frusterated, the tobacco kind of helps, but that's like once a month, not even sometimes.
  12. a drug is a drug is a drug weed is great but its still a drug so stop lieing to yourself fair play u dont do anything else, but your not a saint and its looks like ur trying to make yourself sound like one. Not meaning to sound bad but get over yourslef
  13. explain this "weed isn't a drug" thing to me. shrooms are natural, but are they not a drug also? Don't kid yourself. You should just enjoy weed without needing to rationalize it by saying it isn't a drug

  14. wtf is a "true weed smoker"????
  15. I used to do a lot of e, but I'm done with that shit because i like to sleep lol and it fucks with your body pretty hard. I quit drinking. I quit pharmaciticals. All I do now is toke weed, have a cig every once in awhile, and do dxm cuz dats da good shiiit XD

  16. I tried those they made me feel bad. When I was on them I became monster-like and completely pounded the fuck out of my girlfriend for like 2 hours and then I had to take her to the emergency room cuz her pussy was so sore. Then when I was there while she was sitting in the hospital bed I saw the thing about the face-eating guy on the news and about how he had tooken bath salts. I was so lucky that i didnt bite her face off and i just pounded her pussy.
  17. be at peace
  18. #18 SniperKitty, Aug 2, 2012
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    I will have the occasional glass of wine now and then. Maybe 4-5 times a month. The hubby was quick to realize I'm much more fun high than drunk and I'm going to have my wind down at night and that was weed or alcohol. He doesn't smoke but he's cool with me doing it, better than drinking!

    :edit: no cigarettes ever, pharmacuticals down to the bear minimum when possible (birth control and a meletonan for sleep is daily), and no unmentionables ever
  19. My parents always offer me a beer at dinner if they're having one (Hey when you order a pizza, you've gotta have a bottle of beer, right?)

    But I always decline.... little do they know if they're ordering pizza I RUSH TO GET MY SMOKE ON before it arrives. :smoke: ;)

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