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    I apologize for what you are about to read. This could be offensive to everyone on the face of the planet. So if you are easily offended, please don't read. You might possibly throw up. But you could end up laughing your ass off for 93 hours. Once again don't read if you are easily offended.

    Don't even consult with the foreign pixies upholding the rotten cucumber slowly decapitating itself on a frozen squash. Touch the belly ring you skingeless douche neng. Stop touching the undercarriage and induce the shadowy hernia. Aristotle eating rucksack taking bong rips of sperm and pinecone kitty litter ass ring hash slinging slashing stereotypical Simpsons craving boner city. The implications of your actions are far beyond human compensation.

    The levity of your lobotomized frontal lobe vortex of your brain is filled with Jeremy Stevens' jelly that's flavored like the cornucopia of hippopotamus stomach acid which is relevant to the smell of a dead leukemia ridden fetus buried in a pit of leeches and the ashes of a thousand geriatric niggers. The lobotomy of the frontal lobe is nothing compared to the elementry school of battery acid ingesting fetus's of centennial elementary. Suspended in bubbles of mustard gas thriving on a salad of nails and cancerous toenail slices laying in a river of bile carrying smallpox infested dildos encoded with cerebral palsy on a platform with Jessica alba sucking off Steven hawking as he cums Elmer's glue on Jesus christs wounds. While docking with satan chugging a half gal of anal lube rubbing red rockets with sadam hussein's dead rotting carcass with the circumfrance of 1000 purple Hindu sand niggers raping a hornets nest and jacking off Arnold Schwarzenegger with glass shard sand paper. It's not my fault my mental capabilities are off the fucking charts. I wake up and spit god damn vortexes of liquid cancer and knowledge only maintained from Aristotle himself.

    Throughout the day I like to entertain myself and my peers with acts of destruction and catastrophic pencil penetrating words. By the end of the day I like to sit on my pile of fetuses and Arabian fingernail clippings and I like to read a good book about genocide and raping innocent civilians. Then before I go to bed I bow down to megamorph and stir a bowl of crocodile femurs and eyeballs excreting the juices of marshawn lynch's nigger ass. From the side streets of south central upstate of Saudi Arabia, comes a tale of the retarded white blood cell, he encountered a heavily intoxicated coked up squid, who eradicated an entire city of caterpillars with a single swipe of aids. Onward goes the white blood cell with it's newfound infatuation with forbidden retard porn. On the highway he stumbled upon a school bus filled to the brim with nigger child fetus skins recycled by king tut himself, some of the skins were even sun dried tomatoes, but that is besides the point. On his last journey he encountered a MacBook Pro surrounded by a pulsating ball of atomically reinforced anal slugs. He was horrified, he at least likes to lick his feces before it submits it's identity to the one and inky megamorph. So the white blood cell resorted to licking his own gooch to endure the rath of the almighty morph. But the morph struck him down with his scepter of frozen caricatures. Thus ends the sad sad tale of the white blood cell. We shall always remember this travesty as national pencil licking day. As we mourn the loss of the blood cell we shall continue to eradicate the world of chinks.

    Let me tell you a little story about the three sausage linked lobsters. One was named Joseph one was named John and the last was named iPod. Now, the most interesting little lobster, iPod, had quite the niche for fucking prostitutes then murdering them in the most gruesome way possible. But the problem with being a sausage linked lobster is that they're connected like Siamese mother fucking chinks. iPod would force his brothers to masturbate continuously while iPod would continue to force his cock in the blood filled prostitutes rectum. This was a real problem with Joseph and John because iPod likes his prostitutes as sloppy as possible and their Fallopian tubes tied in a knot the shape of a machete so every time he fucked the prostitute they'd slowly start to bleed internally which naturally would lubricate the insides of her empty filled body with blood, sperm, and melted baby aspirin. So one day iPod was on his habitual rampage before finally slaughtering the carcass of Virginia, the infamous pillow stuffing vag bitch of New Orleans, tried to stop him but queefing pillow feathers into iPod's retinas. But little did she know that along with her being tied to a bed of nails and screws, a tube was angled from her vag into her own mouth, forcing the queefed up feathers into her esophagus causing her to choke and seize then die... This is not the end of the story disappointingly enough.... After this act of well designed queef control contraption killed virginia, iPod became furious with a rage that he has never felt before. iPod usually likes to finish slaughtering the prostitutes by head decapitation right as he climaxes. John and Joseph could sense the rage in iPod and started to become very worried. iPod then grabbed a revolver and put it in his mouth and was about to pull the trigger then his brothers both screamed "stop!!!!" iPod then looked into his brothers eyes and thought about the times when they were baby lobsters and he was fuckin his first bitch; his own mother... He remembered how good the insides of a dead baby felt like when he could still fit his pencil cock inside of those small of beings... iPod then lowered the gun and looked down to the ground. He stared deep into the eyes of his two god worshipping brothers and thought to himself "god killed the boner" then he pointed the gun at first Joseph firing 6 bullets directly into his skull killing him instantly. Then as he pointed the gun to John he said to john "u a bitch ass nigga never fuckin bitchez and shit imma pop a cap in yo god damn ass then shove yo dead body in Virginia's mother fucking clit and imma be lookin you in the eyes while I fuck dat bitch..." iPod then emptied his clip into John until his body stopped twitching from the bullets collapsing his spine... After the deaths of his brothers iPod then executed his plan as told and fucked virginia like it was the first time fucking his own mother... Thus, the story of how brothers desires over life are irrelevant to someone that slaughters skanks and blood fucks them habitually

    Along the shrubbery of the pothole horizon, lies a slithery old belt buckle named aerobics. He lives with a family of apricots who call themselves the betrothed cock rings. All married to eachother and fuck the shit out of eachothers assholes till they breath flaming cotton fibers from the depths of their capillaries. Whilst aerobics was taking his morning mescaline laced inside if a peyote dildo, the youngest apricot who is called Rory politely asked if he could nibble on aerobics's urethra while he lightly purged his rectal fibers. Aerobics obliged only if he could taste of the apricots insides. So as his urethra was being nibbled he plugged a syringe into Rory's thorax and extracted the forbidden fluids from his pancreas. He then inserted the fluids into his rig and regained his monumental status on the thrown of eternal baf. Mamma apricot saw this obscurity from her perch inside her Lincoln log cabin made of pencils and various lube chemicals. She immediately climaxed and orgamed so strong she ripped a hole through the lower intestine of every apricot on the mountain. They all screamed with the tears of 1000 satsuma fetus's being fucked by revolving screw drivers. Aerobics marveled at the scene before him and hit his rig as he projected his own fluids upon the mountain range which was now washed with the brains of all the incest ridden cousin fucking apricots.

    Lying inside the gully of fish sticks and rotting lizard insides lays a hard boiled egg. This is the story of a remedial nigger named dayshon. Dayshon is a seahorse. With an enlarged retina, so enlarged he cleans his gooch with his eon cornia. He likes the taste of his own gooch but is not fascinated with the scent. He is more fascinated with the scent of a skinned porcupines ass hole shavings. But he prefers this only on a Tuesday. When his aunt pulls the shoe string of time which to peel back the veil of time and wrap her velveta string cheese around his appendix and implant his seed into her tonsils. To reproduce a pickle. But that's another story. For now I'll leave you with the thoughts of the tail of a broke neck squirrel choking the all the fetus's in India as a method of birth control made popular by the insides eating natives that live on the underside of a pterodactyl's lunch tray. From here I bid you adu, have sweet dreams of a burning jew. Amen
  2. dear god man throw some some paragraphs in there, cut off mid sentence who cares just do it
  3. Haha no way I am reading that.  Looks light a massive buzzkill!
  4. Hahahahahahaha it's not a buzzkill but it is definitely too much to handle
  5. Seek therapy man goddamn lol. It's just a bunch of incoherent blathering... It looks like it was written by a hyperactive 13-year-old that drank too much mountain dew and tried to write a report for biology. I seriously feel like some of my brain cells committed suicide after I read a paragraph of that. Seriously, I'm gonna hate on this hard because this is complete shit. I'm telling you how much this sucks for your own good. Please, if you're feeling creative try drawing or something because writing isn't working out for you.
  6. lowwwweeee that
  8. I don't think its to much to handle, its just a bunch of made up bullshit, anyone can do this
  9. Couldnt even read this. Waaay too much

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  10. dude wtf
    there's no point to any of that
  11. When does the second novel come out

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  12. is this what turrets sounds like ?

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