Only One Movie Forever

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Happy Times, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. If you were ever hypothetically put in a position were you could only watch one movie the rest of your life, what movie would it be?

    I think mine would be Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  2. if u could hypothetically have one person on grasscity banned for posting useless topics who would it be?

    id say happy times
  3. Aww... Someones having a bad day. What's wrong?
  4. I would say mine would be a tie with... Pulp Fiction, Casino, Reservoir Dogs, The Departed.
  5. Fight Club or American History X... hard to decide.

    If we're going with meaningful, FC. For emotional, AHX.

  6. no i love you

  7. Thanks bro.:rolleyes: You still didn't post your movie.
  8. damn...thats a deep question OP....

    Id have to go with......................................

    Finding Neemo I think...but Id have to think about it for a good week and watch many movies before I came up with a solid answer....

    would suck though no matter what...ahahahaha
  9. Finding Nemo was an amazing movie. I cried. I laughed. I was moved.

    All thanks to some god damn fish!

  10. ahahaha! I know! really was great and animation is ahead of its time....
    I feel happy every time I watch it...

  11. lol i did think it was a kinda dumb question, but ive posted 100 dumber topics than this.

    only reason i posted that post was because u picked ferris buellers day off hahah seriously watch that movie 10 times in a row and u will get so annoyed by it and end up committing suicide during the middle of your eleventh watch

    anways, id probably pick the thing because the effects just get me everytime
  12. Any denzel movie

  13. I only picked it because I've loved it since I was a child and have watched it many times over the years and quote it all the time. It's kinda dumb but it's a special movie for me. It was between that and The Big Lebowski.

  14. touche. btw i hope swichone likes this!!
  15. The Dark Knight.
  16. Office Space. And its not even close
  17. I don't think I could watch the same movie for a lifetime.
  18. Either Transpotting or SLC Punk!

    Not that they're my all time favorites, they just never get old no matter how many I watch them. Idk why :smoke:

    My second choice would be any of the original Indiana Jones
  19. My Cousin Vinny

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