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Only got one bowl left =[

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Apple Fries, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. hey dudes uhm im new to this but ive been on before just never had an acc was wondering if anyone knows how to turn like one hit into a shit ton hahaha or like fucking uhh like a hit but then take another hit off that hit i have a gm but the like hole things are closed off idk...
  2. corner your hits.
  3. ighht man will do ill hit u up with what happens haha
  4. do like your gunna corner the bowl, but dont let the flame touch the weed, just get it close. U will get close to a vaporizer hit, and just keep doin that ;) works for me!
  5. dude fuckin thanks for that makes so much sense hahaha ima try it out

  6. Come on man don't type "um." Also, "hahaha or like fucking uhh like?" You TYPE like the stereotypical lazy stoner. :confused:

    Also, what's a gm?

    I'd say to get the most out of a small amount without any legit pieces, make a waterfall bong. Use a knife to make a hole in the top of a Gatorade bottle. Insert a small socket and ensure it fits tightly. Use a chewed up piece of gum as a quick 'n dirty seal if you must. Now make a small hole about a half inch from the bottom of the bottle, small enough for your index finger to cover.
    Take off the cap and pack the socket, set it aside. Fill the bottle with water, covering the hole. While keeping the hole covered, screw the cap back on. Bring a lighter to the herb while you let go of the hole in the bottle. The water leaving the bottle causes a suction that draws smoke from the socket.
    I personally liked to leave a tiny bit of water to get a bong clearing effect, so cover the hole before the water passes it. Unscrew the cap and set it aside. As you let go of the hole, clear the bottle like a bong.

    I could have just provided a link but my friends and I just had quite a sesh and I am in a writing mood.
  7. haha dam straight dude i do......but uh gm is gas mask u know put a bong on it works pro its just mine is broken were the holes are...

  8. thats a fucking complicated waterfall bong dude

    take an empty 2 liter bottle of a drink, stab a hole in the lower end of it (4 inches from the bottom or so) cut a corner of a sponge off pop it in there (or some gum, just a removable stopper basically) fill the entire thing up with water, rubber band some tin foil on the top (cap off), herb on top of that, light it, pull out the stopper watch the water pour out and the bottle fill with smoke, pull the tin foil contraption w/ the herb off set it down, put ur mouth on the top, AND RIPPPPPPPPPPPP ITTTTTTTTTTTTT :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  9. Chumped... haha.

    But, the easiest thing you can do is just corner your hits and try to keep the bowl cherried as long as you can. If you get desperate... smoke that nasty res. Yummy.
  10. nah dude fuck rezz luckily one of my bro's just came over we got some hydra herb

  11. Hydra?

    what does it have, six heads? and when you cut one off two grow in its place...

    Because if thats the case thats not herb its a sea monster

    jus sayin
  12. naw dumass its hydro
  13. theres only one bowl left, rappers all screaming in our ear like were deaf

  14. that part is actually exactly what you dont want to do. you want to put it out after every hit by smothering the cherry.

  15. If I made a home made I made it right.
  16. hold it in for like a full minute :p

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