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Only 1 week!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. I'm starting to feel the excitement building up. In one week I am setting out on a month long backpacking trip in the Yukon territory. Its going to be a month of not-smoking but when I get back it will be outdoor harvest time in my town which always entails days of smoking fresh outdoor bud.

    Anyway I am pretty psyched, I have never gone backpacking anywhere as remote, nor for nearly as long. It will also be interesting as I am signed up on a group trip (NOLS), it wont just be me and friends.

    I just got a new compact digital camera so I'll definitely post some pics when I get back. That is, if I get back :D
  2. why dont you just buy a lot of bud before you go. backpacking in teh yukon sounds like a good place to somke to me

  3. I was considering it, but then decided I could use a little break. When I get high I get very lazy, and there is lot of hiking/cooking/setting up camp to do.. This trip should be amazing enough without getting high, and coming back to harvest season after taking a month break could only mean good things. The last time I've gone a month without smoking was probably 3 years ago, it really couldnt hurt.
  4. That sounds awesome and intense. Wish I could go to the Yukon.
  5. Dude, thats exactly what I said until I got my shit together and signed up for it. I can hardly wait now. In 10 minutes I'm off on a day hike, been getting into shape the last few months for this.
  6. I was enjoying the comforts of the toilet seat today when I reallized I am going to be shitting in a hole for that whole month. Going to have to pack plenty of TP though.
  7. I have 2 days left of civilization and I watsed half of today by sleeping until 3. I feel like overslept shit now too. Oh well, my bed is comfortable.
  8. Damn man, i just went and read up on the Yukon and holy shit dude, that is going to be fucking amazing!!!

    you better take pictures like a madman, that is some really amazing land there....fucking sweet!

    have fun! fuck the weed and enjoy the trip, smoke and write it up for us when you get back! :)
  9. Oh man I know. I got a new digital camera just for this trip. I definitely plan on posting a lot.
  10. Bye everyone. See you in a month.
  11. have a good trip bud
  12. won't see me in a month, I'll be flying to Tennessee. But good luck, have fun!

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