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Discussion in 'General' started by GreenScreen, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. just wonderin what the general consensus on the forum is about online pill sites. lemme know what you think
  2. if its legalhighs its fake. if its an associate of legal highs its fake i dont know what site your talking about but if you shoot me the pm ill tell ya
  3. if ur talkin about online prescription drug sites u need a prescription to get it
  4. nah crusher, im talking about prescription drug sites

    and negligent your right about most of them... but uhhhh, there are a few exceptions
  5. Look up mexican/canadian online pharmacies. Some claim you need no script. Who knows if theyre legit though.
  6. yea i know. im not asking for people to find them for me or anything i was just wondering what you guys thought about them as far as how reliable and safe they are. but i dunno, there might not even be anybody on here who has ordered from any of them
  7. well you have to list a specific site to see how reliable/safe they are. that's just like saying i want to order marijuana online but i cna't tell.
  8. You can order marijuana online??
  9. lol here comes another that is gonna try and get the sites out of people.
  10. I can see this thread getting locked if you guys post bud sites.
  11. I'm not desperate enough to order anything illegal through the intarweb. I just didn't know that sites sold marijuana...I would think they would be shut down pretty quickly if found out.
  12. fak dont worry nobody would dare post sites to buy bud online. they like their connects and wouldnt fuck that up anyway.
  13. forget it. can an admin just close this thread. i wasnt looking for anybody to be naming sites i just wanted to know what you guys thought in general about them. anyways, i dont want anybody to get themselves or anybody else in trouble
  14. I know a few people that have ordered a bunch of xanax and oxy's off some internet sites, I'm sure some are legit, some are scams.

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