Online hydroponic stores?

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  1. That ships to Canada. Any good cheap ones?
  2. My local hydro store does a pretty good online business and I am pretty sure they can ship to Canada. Plus they've got the lowest prices I know of (that's why I go there) and they know they're shit. Check out they're site, send them an email. Owlyn Solutions for Growers

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    Try they have good prices on nutes, I'm told. has some nice products but their weird way of handling customer service leaves something to be desired.

    They shipped me a hood and the bulbs were in the styrofoam but ON TOP of the box maybe 1/2" under the lid. Both bulbs broken, they only wanted my pics and explanation, no problem there. Then they made the claim to the shipper and made me wait for bulbs over one week. :mad:

    So, today, :mad: "We deeply apologize for another bulb coming in damaged. "

    Yep, they packed the bulbs in a huge box full of crumpled cheap paper, and ANOTHER broken bulb.

    "We will send you the tracking number for your package the moment it is shipped. If you do not receive a tracking number for your replacement bulb within the next 48 hours, please call us at (888) 621-0062 or email us at as we will give you all of the tracking information for your replacement bulb."

    So it sounds like we might get this deal done soon, :) wish me luck. lol
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    Hi :) has very competitive pricing. Check us out! We also have a special grass city coupon. Get 5% off an order of $75 or more when you ever coupon code 'gcity.'

    Compare pricing in Google Shopping!
  5. HTGsupply is the shit.
  6. plantlightinghydroponics the cheapest
  7. and this is all for canada right...
  8. The one I mentioned is in Ohio, but ships to Canada. You're not going to find anything cheap here, so you need to import.
  9. ok awesome thank you very much s7exiled i will check it out a.s.ap!

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