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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by triton32, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. was wondering if anyone could tell me a good place to pick up a rig online as I have not seen a dome or skillet in any of my local shops
  2. I'd try Aqua Lab Technologies. Very good site with lots of choices for wayyyy cheaper than anything you'd find in a headshop!
  3. thanks chill.
  4. Highpriority, dablab, brothers w/ glass are some other options
  5. I make quality boro nail / dome / dabber sets! Or individual pieces. Still learning a lot though; just ordered some more tube and color rods so I can get more practice in. My next project involves 24k gold. Should be fun! Unless I screw up and burn it off before I melt it in. lol

    P.S - I make a dabber just like they sell at aqua, for a quarter of the cost. No chinese shitty glass either; only quality northstart and momka colors and pyrex brand clears. They sell a dabber with a bong on top for $200 , I sell mine for $25 XD and with me you can get custom colors.
  6. Not sure where your located or if you would ship but I would be interested in a complete unit if you have one for sale :)
  7. I have one set currently available; 18mm Gumball Machine Style Dome with a matching colored nail and custom mini-bong dabber.


    Click to view full size

    I would be willing to ship within the United States; $6 flat rate USPS box (bubble wrap etc). I haven't really priced the set; so if you would like to make an offer, the worst I could say is no. Thanks!
  8. What about Canada?
  9. I've never shipped out of the country or dealt with customs. I would have to look into that unless you know more about it.
  10. Im not sure how it would work either but thanks anyways

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