Ongoing DIY 2 Chamber Bubbleponic System

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  1. Howdy Doodie GC!
    Ive been working with my system for a while now and i thought I spread some of the wisdom gained. (Get the CGBible) First of all let me give you details on the system:
    The shell of the cabinet is a lockable black and decker. U can buy from Lowe's
    Inside I have the veg chamber on top and the flower on bottom.
    Veg Chamber
    · Inline-exhaust fan 37w 240cfm. Connected to it are two 4-6duct expanders and one 4part elbow piece. One expander leads out the back and the other is connected to the diy carbon filter.(fan-ebay)
    · Small bubbleponic bucket with 6 holes and black tape on the outside.(CaliGrowKits)
    · Small air pump and air stone. (CGK)
    · F24in T5 HO light fixture with blue grow lights (HTG Supply)
    · Light hanger (CGK)
    Flow Chamber
    · 150 watt hps light fixture, reflector, and ballast (CGK)
    · 10/18 gallon “roughneck” tub with 6 cut holes
    · Grow Bright Hygro-Thermometer (CGK)
    · Aqua Culture air pump with two tubes (Wal-Mart)
    · 8-10 socket extension cord
    · Trellis net (HTG)
    · (2)Timer (CGK & Wal-Mart)
    · Chains to adjust hps light (lowes)
    · BOTH Mylar (CGK)
    Grow Medium
    · Rockwool cubes (Local Hydro Store)
    · “root” plugs (HS)
    · Hydroton cubes (LHS)
    · Basic hydroponic nutes (LHS)
    · Extra nutes (CGK)
    · pH up and pH down (LHS)
    · Clone gel (LHS)
    · Good scissors (LHS)
    · pH meter (ebay) $40
    · replacement 150watt hps bulb ( certain lowe's) $23

    What you will need:
    · Duct tape
    · All tools necessary to put cabinet together
    · A friend is a good and really really really bad idea
    · Scissors/Box Cutter
    · Patience
    · Drawn out plan (most people suck at 3d art but it's a GREAT idea)
    · Extra nails and screws

    The Big Picture (outside) gc6.jpg
    The Inside gc2.jpg
    Close up gc5.jpg
    The Veg gc8.jpg
    Bottom flower gc9.jpg
    To Tall gc3.jpg
    Top Cola gc1.jpg
    Two others gc10.jpg

    Questions to ask yourself when doing this:
    How do i want the air to flow? Personally i dont use a fan but it would help.
    I made the mistake of cutting circles in the wooden shelf on one side. This creates problems when the veg is 24hrs and the flow is not. Right now I'm waiting to figure this out. I might have to take the cabinet apart and cut a square so i can put a ceiling fan in there.
    How much noise is tolerable? This system is in my one bedroom apartment. i think using computer fans would be alot quieter but this is what I got.
    What to do with smell? All wooden cabinets are going to have a problem being sealed. Ive been looking for a velcro/sticky tape I can put over to insulate. In the meantime Ive been using duck tape on the door hinge separation and a towel for the bottom. Also an air purifier and ona gel or ozium automatic sprayer goes a long way. Right now I'm using cost effective lysol sprayer.

    This is my second run. First time I grew one big but it turned doubt to be male. This time I germinated 10. 3 died in veg while 6 where in flower. narrowed flower down to 4 and I'm happy i did because theres not as much room as one would think. i think the best idea is to have two week intervals with two at a time.

    Problem: the roots get tangled as the plants grow. SOOo try to have a female already picked because cutting out a male later usually involves removing all the roots that will eventually die and possibly cause rot.

    Right now I'm having trouble committing to cutting down some branches to make clones. They are almost four weeks into flowering and i know it takes a while to veg but we shall c. now that I'm a part of GC I plan on taking better logs and journals of my activity and growth.

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