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  1. I am against the idea of oneness
    to me people whom believe oneness are basically psuedo spiritual

    I believe peopeo whom preach oness are baicvally attempting to steal away teh identity of anyone else whom have an identity
    attemting to teal away their uniqueness from them to turn them into a drone of a gbeing

    I beklieve oneness ifs possibly the result of matierialization or viewing our 'realm reality' form a 'material' perspective
    I believe oneness is as also along the same alginemtn as 'hell' - > attempting to beind everyone together withtou alliowign them any personality or uniqueness
    enslaving everyone to everyone elese
    attempting to make them all equal - > equalize them
    withtou letting anyone escape to be theri own aentity - > or at least attempting trying to do so

    thus i find peopel whom preach and belive oneness to be pseudo and relatively studnting toward the spiritaul growth of other peoepl - > of other being

    I perfer soul identity character and such -- > I as my own uniue entity separete from other entity at the core of my being
    I am a one - > instead of being part of one -> I am a one

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  4. Well lets for a second agree with what you saying, then I am psuedo spiritual and you must be a psuedo physical who focuses on identity and such and such.

    You see the problem you not understanding is what this whole enlightened or illuminated (for use of a better word) people are on about, You see budhist were on about this whole thing about the physical world being only temporary. A temporary state which is fueled by your emotions and your 5 senses but because it exist on a physical plane and is now subjected to time it become temporary and impermentent and that if you free yourself from this physical bond you will free yourself from suffering, because suffering comes from holding onto something, for example you want it to stay the same you want to take it and put it in a photo album to cherish forever but this is not true cause everything is subject to change.

    The whole point im trying to show you is why people say you must disregard your identity because your identity is a mental manifestation from your head a perception on who you are, but this perception is also fueled by emotions (hence bringing a mental {not physical} perception of yourself to reality), and your emotions are also subjected to munipulation so your identity is not your spiritual individual its a genrically manufactored state of mind, for example you FEEL good when you wear fashionable clothing and this FEELING effects the perception on your identity.

    I hope im making sense cause im hiiiiigh as fuck.. but bottom line if you focus on your spiritual self your same self grows in stength, but if you focus on your physical self only the physical part of you grows and adapts as the time roles on. so it really just boils down to what choices you make and who you want to be, you cant however put an idea down when your idea of focusing only on your idenity is just as bad :D
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    If you are "a one", then could you live without the air you breathe? Could you live without the food the earth provides, or the sunlight needed to grow that food? When you look at it from that perspective, how can you say you are totally separate from the world around you? Would you exist if your mom was never born, and she never met your father, and they were never attracted and decided to mate and have you? There is a whole chain link of causes and conditions that lead to what you call "you".

    In Buddhist terms this concept is what is called dependent origination. It's one facet of onenness. It doesn't take anything away from our relative independence. It operates on two levels - the ultimate truth and the relative truth. Ultimately, you can't separate any part of existence from any other. You are not separate from the air you breath no matter what you think. You inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees produce that oxygen and breathe in that carbon dioxide. So in that sense, you are one with the trees. Relatively, sure, of course we are all our own person, it is self-evident and goes without saying. The oneness is just the bigger picture.

    I hope that clarifies oneness a bit.
  6. Don't think of oneness and non-duality too literally.

    Individuality exists on some level. There is physical space between myself and a tree outside.

    There isn't space between myself and my vision of the tree outside...myself and the vision, the seeing, are one in the same.

    If you look at it in terms of the physical space, there is seperation. If you look at it in terms of the lack of space between self and the perception of that which is experienced, there is no seperation. The subject and object cease to be seperate from each other.

    That's just an addition to what Little Jacob said. He pretty much hit the nail on the head.

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