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One tooth pulled... safe to smoke 12hrs after?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by crap6892, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. So i just got one of my wisdom teeth pulled due to a cavity on it. I'm about to go to work soon but would like to toke when I get out (12hrs after extraction). The dentist told me a day, but I alway like a little smoke after some hard work. Besides putting gauze on my tooth and rinsing after, what should I use to smoke? I like to smoke blunts, but I'm thinking I should use a gravity to avoid suction and dry socket. Or would I be better with a loose blunt? Any ideas/advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i heard u can get air pockets
  3. When I got my wisdom teeth removed (had to get them surgically removed due to them being impacted), I had a special way of inhaling my bud/cigarettes that didn't cause dry sockets. I really can't explain it though, if I did it the normal way though, it hurt, which is really the only reason I started inhaling the other way.

    Regardless there is till a chance you can get dry sockets, so I'd hold off, theres really no reason to cause yourself more pain, just have a little self control.

  4. you mean....dry sockets?
  5. I just took a day off token and now Im much more healed. For advice to other, I would say wait at least a day.
  6. Dry socket is when the clot in the hole where the tooth used to be breaks down, then the place where the tooth was pulled will not heal properly and you will suffer the tortures of the damned. Its ungodly painful. Avoid it at all costs.

    Dry Socket (Alveolar Osteitis) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention on MedicineNet.com

  7. I'm brain dead, I read that is "what are dry sockets"
    I shoulda stood in bed today:eek:
  8. Don't risk it, if you really need to smoke, do knife hits, it's what I did.
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    Inhale through your nose. (smartass answer)

    I read a thread on this a while back on this and i remember people saying wait a week after getting wisdom teeth pulled. I wouldn't risk it, but its up to you. Also, i thought they always gave you oxys or vicodin, and if they didnt, complain, you'll get some easy.
  10. Make some edibles, if food is too hard for you to eat make some tea. Or you could just wait 24 hours before smoking, maybe have some beers or something if you really want to be intoxicated.
  11. how is this a smartass answer? i have heard of money people doing it, though im assuming it would burn quite a bit.

    and the reason they tell you not to smoke is because of the suction, if you can make a gravity bong, waterfall bong, or lung, you could smoke using those methods. all of the suction is by gravity/air movement, and all you have to do is inhale the smoke.

    Urban Dictionary: lung , you can find the rest of the definitions there also.
  12. Correct me if im wrong but the controversy of smoking after a pulled tooth is because you arent supposed to suck right? Well what I did was I just inhaled the smoke slowly, clean your easiest piece to hit so its at its easiest to hit and light up. Just remember not to suck hard, just inhale slowly and if you have a carb use that to your advantage. Fill your piece with smoke slowly and release carb, repeat. Well thats how I did it and had no problems.
  13. Hmm, if the smoke doesn't irritate your mouth then go for gold. Blunts require more suction than a bowl, use a bowl if you have to.
  14. its a risk. You can get dry sockets.

    What I did was a little insane lol.

    I took tubes and attached it to my bong and had 2 tubes in my nose and inhaled from there lol. But I had a bunch of friends smoke after that and they were fine if anything happens you just get more pain pills good luck
  15. Have someone milk the bong for you and then pull the slide and inhale... or hand them give you a shotgun either by blowing in the bong stem or form a joint or blunt

  16. this is true, and as everyone has said there are ways around this one. but there are 2 big things that also come into to play, one: cottonmouth. it's called DRY socket for a reason, the wound needs saliva to heal that wound. two: the toxins from the weed can get into that wound and then forget about dry socket, you got an infection on your hand, luckily your mouth is already full of germs, so it's pretty used to it, but it's still a risk.

    smoke if you want, but i've heard there is nothing more painful then a dry socket, and i also heard since it's actually the exposed nerve that is receiving the pain, that pain killers WILL NOT stop the pain

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