One thing you wish was real

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntSlayer420, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. if you could choose one fictional thing from a video game, book, or movie what would it be?

    personally: I'd choose podracers (star wars episode I), it would be one hell of a sport and the thought of driving one at 600 mph already makes me want to throw up. :p

  2. a marijuana plant with buds containing 50 % THC and 20 % CBD :smoking:
  3. Women who look flawless right out of bed in the morning.
  4. this thread has huge potential (assuming it hasn't been done before but i'm too lazy to search)

    at the end of the day though i could do so much shit with a lightsaber
  5. my girlfriend
  6. [quote name='"Niveuspuer"']Women who look flawless right out of bed in the morning.[/quote]

    I've dated one of those. Sucked that she had a shit personality though.
  7. Fucking time travel, of course.
  8. Cannabis being legal.
  9. teleportation.
  10. An afterlife.
  11. A god. Provided he was a just, sensible one of course.
  12. Quidditch
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  13. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']Pokemon[/quote]

    Super Ninja'd!

  14. A nation in which everyone could live a priviledged lifestyle and reside in a nice upper-middle class neighborhood.

  15. I think that would be a bad thing. If everyone was well off we would all take everything for granted. You can find happiness without money.
  16. Probably lightsabers, or the force

  17. God Damn dude. If you think about it one or two hits of that Shit would put you on your ass for hours.

    It would be such a creeper too. All that cbd and you could end up getting higher and higher for hours Haha.

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