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    I will be growing in a dresser similar to this:
    Unfortunately I couldn't get a pic of it at the moment as it's not here. We're using the large door part, where you hang clothes inside.
    40" tall, 15" wide and 16" deep. I want to do a SCROG setup in soil with one plant, although this is my first indoor grow and I don't want to get in too deep. I have extensive background knowledge on growing but I don't want to get into it unless I'm assuring myself its not going to fail.

    I have 4 26w CFLs (one set, 2 6500k 2 2700k) in a homemade light fixture that cools the bulbs a bit with a CPU fan just cause I had an extra one around. Mylar (Emergency blanket) will be lined all inside the fixture soon.

    Weather stripping to seal in light and heat.

    Door lock with key to seal out pests.

    And my exhaust fans

    I was wondering if I have enough exhaust to pull in enough fresh air for my baby, and what kind of results I might expect if I do a scrog setup on one plant in this environment.
    I ordered FF Ocean soil and AN nutes and the only thing left I need to do is choose a strain.

    That's where you guys come in! I need help choosing the best genetics to achieve my goals. It's a fight between Blackberry, Aurora Indica, and Blue Mystic. I am looking for a plant that would produce the most bud in a short amount of time, as I know I'm going to be happy with my outcome either way and I'm growing smoke for 2 people. Obviously its not gonna support us completely but it will take a good portion of our budget out of our weed bill :D

    Please input :smoking:
  2. ... Anyone...?
  3. the AI looks like it will produce best 4 ur goals.

    my pref would be the blue mystic tho.
  4. Good exhaust though? What kind of yields could I guesstimate under these lights and conditions?
  5. my guess is around 1 oz. that small space is going to produce a number of issues. my best advice is to read up on a bunch of indoor grows and general indoor growing. check some threads on cfls too, they will give you the best idea on what you can expect.
  6. Thanks and lol yea, I've been reading about indoor grows ever since I joined this site lol. And I mean I know that the general production with CFL per watt is usually in the vicinity of .2-.3g/watt which I expected to come out to about an O. But with a scrog set up, proper fimming, pruning, and ace conditions and such is it insane to try for .4g/watt and expect maybe 1 1/2? Idk maybe I just got high hopes lol.
  7. Keep a mix for vegging and preflower, then switch to all 2700K. Your results will be much better.
  8. Thanks! I was planning on taking out the 6500ks and putting in 4 more 2700ks once flowering time came around. Making for a switch from 4 to 6 bulbs, and all will be 2700k.

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