One Plant Growing In an Apartment

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ReallyRed, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. kay, i've been reading these boards for a little while now, and i've posted a few questions, and i've seen some people say that growing in rental units is a very bad idea.

    thing is, i do have a passion to grow, i like the plants, but i was wondering if one plant... just one, is a bad idea in an apartment...

    reason i ask is that i would like to know where i can find laws and the like for canada...

    so, restating... one plant for personal use... good idea in an apartment? i'm asking for personal views on this so go nuts.
  2. oh, and if it's an issue of odour control, i've heard that there are strains that produce very minimal odours and that there are wyas of controlling the smell... if y'all know of that then let me know...
  3. burn some insence.... and with one plant.... you have a chance that it'll be male... so if you grow it and flower it and it turns out to be a male.. then it's kinda pointless.... unless you like growing it as a hobby :p
  4. i stay in a flat, or an appartment if your American, and i grow anywhere from 1-6 plants no problem.......Peace out..........Sid
  5. cool, thanks all!

    right now it'll likely be no more than two or three, but still..

    oh, i was also wondering... the 24/0 period of light... will that show me what sex they are (i know what to look for thanks to some awesome lads at a headshop that i had Great conversations with)

    oh, and i just read that in some growboxes (which is the target for what i'm hoping) a charcoal filter will work to help minimize the smell... y'all know if that's something to really consider?

    thanks in advance
  6. i grow in an apartment, the key is to be a good tenant, dont ever be late on rent, and respect and talk to maintence.

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