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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by NuBBiN, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. America is called the leader of the free world, but where is it leading us? instead of American, or French, or Chinese or Indian, wouldn't it be wonderful to be a family of caretakers proud of our beautiful earth?

    There are groups in every land who feel this way and who long to be part of such unity and purpose instead of pawns in addictions to power. If leaders would lead us to that kind of freedom, we could grow together forever.

    If we care for our past and cherish diversity, why are we not dedicated to a future for all? I think we can be, and I think we must be.

    From the day we are born do we not yearn alike for meaningful life and a world undivided, spent not in the clouds of diversion and war, but in fruitful search of the miraculous?

    Those in power perpetuate division at the expense of all we might be as one but the future is fragile and we have suffered too long the results of maddness of war. It is time to honor the past by protecting the future, our sacred common ground. Maay every god bless everone in every land on every world.
  2. i'v often wondered the same thing. why must we all be seperate? why should we half to buy/sell to other countys? we all live on the same earth and our problems become everyones probplens and we
  3. yeah that would be great, it's not a competition, whos the biggest and the best, it doesn't mattter, we all live in here and don't want someone to ruin it for anyone, it's disturbing how sort sighted the "world leaders" are, instead of focusing on the profit or the immediate good they should conenrate to the big picture, how the actions we do today will affect tomorrow.
  4. it is indeed how things should be. but alas... i fear it may never come.


    because the power hungry always seem to find their way into power. they want it most and so... thats how things go. humanity really isnt as bad as it would appear we are.... its just those idiots who care for little else but power.

    but something really should be done.

    we can't keep on going the way things are.

    ... there has to be some kind of revolution or even an uprising of sorts coming from the sensible, peacefull minded types like ourselves in the liberal left of the political scheme of things.

    there has never been (to my knowledge/memory) a long running left wing libertarian government the likes of which the whole world needs.
    it doesnt even need to be that tho.. its like NuBBiN says..."meaningful life and a world undivided, spent not in the clouds of diversion and war, but in fruitful search of the miraculous?"

    the word miraculous is somewhat interchangable, but the underlying principles are the same.

    and we like to encompass all such hopes in one word.

    that word.... is


    i dont say it often like some do *coughsidforexamplecough*, just cause i dont wanna wear it out. i like to keep its meaning in my mind strong sharp and clear, so that when i do say it, its like its meaning contains all the hopes of such ideals.
  5. but world unity could never work... there would always have to be someone on the top, who could at some point become corrupted, thus ruining the whole unity.

    the ONLY way to make a world like that... kill everyone over 10, and then put all the kids in a pen together with nothing to teach them but themselves. and hopefully theyd learn to live together...
  6. nicely said, NuBBiN.

    for my part qoing somewhere towards unity would be for the "rich countries" to aknowledge they /need/ the "poor countries", things may turn arround.
  7. I had a whole long reply earlier, but I forgot to Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c and something screwed up when I tried to submit :(
  8. This conflict of interest between the individual and the society comes from the conflict between instinct and intelligence. Instinct tells us to work for ourselves, or whatever group we might belong to. Intelligence helps us realize that if we could spur on progress through sheer force of will rather than survival of the fittest (capitalism) then we can have the best of both worlds. Progress for the sake of progress must become a popular notion or else people will simply keep doing things to the detriment of others for the sake of their own gain.

    I'm not a complete advocate for socialism but I think the answer is close to that. Heavily restricted markets aimed towards supporting the work force and anarchic social rules would make the perfect balance between individuals and society overall. When we achieve this we will truely have created a utopia. But from there things will come apart again as the earth won't be able to support us anymore. Either we'll get stuck in a rut of wars over terriroty and recources or we will move to other planets.
  9. you're walking along the streets, you come across an old person she's having trouble with her bag full of groceryies, she obviusly needs your help.

    [ ] you help her without a second thought
    [ ] you carry on walking as if she doesn't exist
    [ ] you quickly search and find an excuse not to help her, and don't.
    [ ] you search but don't find any reason not to help her, so you do

    the first two answer are of instinctive decision
    the 3rd and 4th are mental decision.

    I for myself used to be of option2.
    I was raised by these moto:
    -nothing comes free
    -don't do anything for anybody, unless they have done something for you
    -when about to do something, carefully wage what there is in it for you.
    -if you do something for someone and you don't get anything in return, that persone is not good.

    It toke me to 3 years to become an option1 type of person. Its very rewarding, but the rewards are not visible.
    I have a very stong karma, and my bank account is empty.
  10. we still need nations. no need to abandon those. for the most part they work. what we need though is a new world order. not the current one run by the international money fund and the world bank. this is only a world order benefitting the capitalists, and compared with all of us here on earth, the capitalists are a very outnumbered group.

    in order to get anywhere, we need to make a few despots and royalties go away. people rule, democracy must take it's place. the *new and improved* world order could issue a statement: "all debts get erased by any country that submits to a UN controlled national election for all government posts"

    next the world counsil could start funneling money into needed projects, like electricity and digital infrastructure for all. this would jumpstart any modern economy in any backwards country, and plug their population into the world at large.

    before you know it, the need to keep up emergency projects, like feeding all and providing clean water, will be a thing of the past, as the local economies will be able to take care of the problem themselves, and even flourish once all basic services are in place.
  11. well, according to startrek after the 3rd world war zephrym cochran flew the first faster than light crafty.
    as a result the vulcans landed and said hellO. all of mankind was happy and jean luc picard fought the borg.

    i think if the vulcans landed they'd smack the "world leaders" and say "No! Bad!"
  12. Well, Zehpram Cochran would have wanted world peace but I have the feeling this is floating around in the wrong thread D9 :D
  13. people want leaders and take the one that seems best to them or promise something extras good for them: lower taxes, more jobs, less poverty, world peace etc. but nobody ever does that instead they go out and start wars and blaa blaa blaa. I think we need an alien intervention of some sort, that some much more "wiser" life form would come and show us how our actions are affecting the planet and where it will eventualy lead us, or just brainwash all to live in peace. But before they'd get here they would be possibly bombed away...
  14. critter 2 here guys. This reminds of a post l made a couple years ago."Only rich bastards use the net.".90% of the worlds population goes hungrey while we have all this ??????.just a thought.:D
  15. i was just thinking something similar as i was reading through this thread again.

    wouldnt it be great if we could truely connect the whole world. we delude ourselves everyday that we suft the global internet. give every human a pc, some translation software, and a 56 connection at least. ... bring it on. now thats the way to unite the world... none of the bullshit the empire is trying these days.

  16. no they don't (go to war) , they do exactly what you describe, to the letter:

    you state it exaclty how it goes:
    First, absolute FUCKING FIRST CONDITION : money [be it under the form of taxes, job, proverty, or whatever your local politic will put it].
    THEN they'll consider peace.

    on another word {evil}money comes first with a very long head over the rest (but we knew that already).

    interresting enough, you put peace LAST in your list.

    Your list was meant to list what people want, and it's EXACTLY THE PROBLEM. people, when they have a decision to take, they take it waging only the outcome for themself (+family if any) but the never even think about the rest. (the rest being the world, you know that little rock which we live upon)

    common you know, we all now: each time we press the gas pedal, there is an explosion in the engine, that explosion propells you forward, and releases a long time toxic gas, but that doesn't matter: you were propelled forward, after all).

    funny to see that you know what must be done, you knw how to do it, but yet you don't.
    you need a MASTER to do it for you.
    well right now your master is GWB.
    good luck.

    {ohhh I'm getting angry, i better stop reight there}

    FUCKING WAKE UP, people.

    It's simple enough: we have to stop thinking by through and with MONEY.

    I do it everyday, I know it's perfeclty possible.
    (granted my life is materialistcaly poor, but it spiritualy rich, i wouldn't trade it for a big salary, nomatter how big).


  17. no it wouldn't .

    well it'd be cool, sure. But it's still not the problem.

    Should we all comme together in one chatroom, the outcome would be as follow:
    WE'd all agree on the fact that we should be all loving oneanother, that we should not polute Earth. I'm sure we would.
    then once the conference finished, we would all get back home in our individual cars, instead of using public transportation, we will all cary on ignoring that very old ladies that needs help with her heavy bag. We will all try to eran more money then the day before. We will all try to get a bigger car.
    we did aggreed that we should'nt.

    no my friends, the answer to all our problems lies within us.
    To change the world, one has to change himself.

    here is the exemple I tell when this kind of conversation rises.

    I make the streets of Paris a little more secure.

    you wanna know how?

    I respect the speed limit.

    Now that undoubtfully get the streets more secure. I have that power, and I use it.
    We all have similar powers, power to change things on a very small scale, but if used right, it's the real power.


    another exemple has just come to mind:

    The so-called powerfull people that are in command in the us of a have been trying since 1916 to prohibit the use of marijuana in the states. They have spent since that day when a mexican killed a white american at el paso 300 Billion american dollars.

    that's more than a lot of money, and the powerfull leaders of the us of a have an enormous power.

    yet since nearly 100 years and $300 Billion they have not stoped potheads from smoking their pot.

    now where's the power? in the potheads that still smokes, or in the $300 billion american dollars spent against marijuana? ...

    that's right you there readint this rant, you are amongs those that have defeated the leaders of america since 100years, and allthout they have invested $300.
    From you litle room, every time you smoe a joint, you use your small power to defeat them.

    why can't you do so every day, in every thing you do ?

    dgee it's so simple really.
  18. Well I made a long post to clarify things but then I couldn't post it so... here's a short version.

    What exactly can I do to promote world peace exept donating money and voting the candidates that seems best for world peace? and what have you done to make it real? smoked weed and bought an peace sign?

    And no we don't need a leader, but it just is that when we do something to get an chance we get arrested or beaten up. and maybe it just is that after 50 or so years of trying to make things better and seeing that it only gets worse people are getting a bit tired. You can live up in your fantasy world and look down on us mortals if you like but that won't make a chance.
  19. Gri77oN, surely you don't think you're the only person in the world to advocate giving of oneself for the betterment of all? Get over yourself. Ubik made a perfectcly fine post and then you went on to tell him that he's wrong even though you were esentially saying the same things in different words.

    Everyone thinks they have the answer, but the ones who refuse to accept others' will be damned to a claustrophobic and lonely path.

    We all have the same goals here, work off of that instead of your differences.

  20. i agree with your point entirely...

    but more so...

    because its not 300 billion they've spent.

    its over 5 trillion now.

    thaaaats right.

    no joke.

    since the begining of the drug war and so on.. there has been over 5 TRILLION DOLLARS spent on fighting these mainly harmless people. infact, everyone related to pot would be harmless if they hadnt been faught by US gov and a few decided to get AKs to protect their crop from uncle sam.

    but anyways... yeah....
    the point is.

    all the money in the world couldnt make me stop toking.
    (unless i REALLY was given ALL the money in the world and then i could set things straight. lol)

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