one pesky plant. Need some help/advice.

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    This is my first grow. I am growing 4 plants and i have them in a germination tray.(also when should I transplant them out?) 3 of them are looking fairly good except I have a little bit of yellowing on the edge and tips of the biggest one, but my main concern is that i have one that looks like skin looks when it burns and blisters. I started them with 6 23watt cfl lights, after reading on here i found that the bulbs where 2700k so i switched them out for 4 40watt 6500k florescents, it has been a few days and i haven't seen any improvement. Each plant is in a rockwool cube and the tray is filled with 1 teaspoon of max grow per 2 gallons of water mix.

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  2. The pics are very blurry but from what i see it is a ph issue..

    Do you know what ur ph is... in cubes you want it 5.8-6.0
    This oonly matters if ur giving them nutes and you say yoou are..
    get a tester and make sure you adjust the ph before watering...
    it will take them a few days to recover but then they will be fine...

    Yoda Out..:bolt:
  3. I premixed the nutrients and water, then adjusted the ph in the container to 6.0, so that i wouldn't have to mess around with it, but i just checked my tray and it is at 7.0, Im not sure how it happened, but i adjusted it back to six. The test i am using i just get a sample and add drops of test stuff to it and look at the color. Is that accurate enough? After the new 6500k lights, i really don't have more $$ right now, but should i consider something different for the future?
  4. here is a slightly better picture

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  5. That will get you buy..but save your dough... youll need a ph pen..
    once you get ur ph settled they should be fine mate:D
  6. lol looks kinda like ruderalis. :D
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    The third picture over actually is part ruderalis, to make it autoflowering. I am not sure how that one is going to turn out, ruderalis isn't known for quality smoke. They are all four different breeds, and i am going to see how well/poor they grow and taste then decide which one i like best.
  8. Nice dude that's intense. I have seen ruderalis buds as small leafy and nasty, but so was all herb 50 years ago! So lets get some tests going and find its qualities.
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    Going downhill fast. The one that was all bubbly looking has gotten better, it just has yellow spots all over it now. The other plants are getting more yellow on the edges and one plant looks like it just fell completely over. I have been checking the ph daily and adjusting it as needed. It floats a little but doesnt get much above 7 and i check it often so there no way its at 7 for more that 4-6 hours.
  10. Here are some pictures, I am working on getting better with the camera.

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  11. Im getting really worried, could use some help. Thanks
  12. Im still not sure whats wrong, I think the one look over watered, but it is in a makeshift hydro setup so im not sure how over watered could be even possible, they are constantly in water. I lowered the water level way down in the container and flushed out all of the pea gravel with alot of water. I left the water level down and gave each plant some super thrive. Im pretty sure the one is screwed but i am crossing my fingers on the rest of them making it.

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  13. in hydro ph 5.8....
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    Yes as close as i can get it with my test kit i have. I followed your advice earlier and i check the ph very frequently now. I use the test kit with the drops and color match.
  15. do you have any idea what the ppm is in ur water?
  16. In the container before i add it to the plant it is about 700 with the nutes in it. I have a ppm meter but i haven't been able to find it for a couple days.
  17. way to high for those plants man...
    change ur water... get it to about 300-350... then they should start to pull out of that...\
    once you see new growth then up the nutes ...:D
  18. The instructions on the package said 1-2 teaspoon per gallon of water, and i mixed 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons of water. I knew to take it easy but i guess i will know better now. I cant find my ppm meter so i will probably take the container down a little over halfway then fill it back up with just plain water.
  19. generally thier rec dosage is way to heavy for mj...
    take it down 2/3 way then fill it man... i think they will wake up in a few days if you do that..
    hope it helps brother.:D
  20. I found the ppm meter..... its at 1100. Idk how that happened.

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