One of those nights.

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  1. Fuck those nights where you got no bud, no alcohol, no stoages, and no extra money to get any of those. I've been smoking resin all day and im miserable...probably won't fall asleep all night. I hate these nights so much...what you fools doin?

  2. I am quite drunk at the moment. Drank over a bottle of wine earlier and just had 4 fingers of rum. About to have another 4 fingers.
    Just watching family guy, smoking my e cig, and about to eat a huge bowl of pasta.
    Listen to this with headphones on. It will put you to sleep. It makes your brain synch up with the brainwaves that are playing through the headphones. Delta waves are what you experience during deep sleep. 10-20 minutes of it will put you to sleep.

  3. Thank you so much dude/ lady! Although I don't have any headphones, I appreciate helping me out!
    I may have just found some wine. What do you think i do? I dont usually drink wine but Im doin pretty bad right now should I just say fuck it and drink up?
  4. ^Great post, lol. Forreal.

    I'm just chillin listening to some musica. Didn't do much tonight. Smoked a little, and played some FIFA with the boys. Anyways good night y tomorrow is a new day.
  5. Yeah drink it and then listen to that.
  6. went to college today, saved up the money that i had for today (didn't eat/drank anything) and i just smoked what was left in my stash. im gonna wait for tomorrow until it's 1pm (atlantic time) to 4 pm to call my guy and go to his place to buy sumtin for the next couple of days
  7. Sounds better than my entire day lol. Ima go see whats up with that wine lol.
  8. If you have speakers that are loud enough you can listen to this. You don't need headphones for isochronic tones like this.

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    These are really interesting me, how do they work? And wine is fucking NASTY. who drinks it for fun? It taste bad and doesnt even get you that drunk. Even if it's Chardonay
    I turned on some music and started writing a few lines...that usually makes me mentally exhausted if I put in work.
  10. i know those night's tonight is one of them...but its okay...
  11. It does get you drunk lol. You just have to drink more than hard alcohol as it is usualy around 14% and it tastes good once you get used to it.
    And it the binaural beats (1st vid I posted) you have to listen to headphones because it plays one tone through one ear and another through the other ear. For example that one is 0.9 megahertz so one plays something like1.4 and the other plays 0.5 megahertz. It makes your brain synchronize with the sound that is playing after a while.
    I don't know how isochronic tones (the 2nd vid) works but you don't need headphones.
    I don't believe that it has been scientifically proven but it has worked for me for a couple years. It helps me sleep, and I can listen to theta waves to meditate more easily, and alpha waves to help me study.
    Even if it is just placebo it works.
  12. I feel like if I went to college and had to do some kind of research paper I would FOR SURE choose that for the topic. I used to take melatonin to help me sleep. It was weak as fuck. It was supposedly ''natural'' and a vitamin. Anyways, I just use weed to sleep now obviously, but for others that depend on hard benzos or sleeping pills, this could be an alternative. 
    They should do some research like the govt. and see if it works. If it does then I bet 2/3 of the population with prescritions for sleep wouldn't need those pills anymore.
  13. Thats true but this is free. As I said even if it  is just placebo, who cares? The placebo effect can lower blood pressure among other things.
    Also melatonin is natural. Your body produces it every night and that is what helps you sleep.
    Sitting outside while the sun is setting helps you to sleep also, because it helps regulate your melatonin production. Light stops your body from producing melatonin which is why people who sleep with the tv on don't sleep as well.
  14. Wow thanks for telling me that I had no idea. You went to college hmm?
    To be honest, I feel like I may be bipolar. I can go from extremely happy to depressed as fuck instantly. Weed regulates it though. I feel like I may have had bipolar characteristics and smoking weed may have brought them out.
  15. I am on my 5th year of community college so I don't know if you can credit school with that lol.
    Did your bipolar characteristics show up before you started smoking or after. I smoked for 4 years or so and it really fucked my brain up. I thought I was bipolar, and developed some pretty bad anxiety from smoking it(though I was smoking/eating weed several times a day)
    I am not saying you should stop but that is one of the big questions when it comes to addiction and brain chemistry. Does the addiction (or in marijuana's case, habituation) cause the symptoms or were the symptoms present before the addiction?
    All I am saying is my brain is much clearer now that I stopped, and I still have really bad anxiety. But don't get it twisted, I still get drunk several times a week. But I feel that not smoking has helped my moods to be more normal, and I don't feel hopeless and depressed most days out of the week.
    Not trying to judge or anything, just offering up my experience. And meditation is powerful. Try to get in the habit of doing it every day for 20 minutes or so and it will have profound affects.
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     I haven't been taking any of this as judging so don't trip. Ok I'll try to be as real as I can. 
    Since late childhood, I've been mildly depressed. Not much to worry about. Then at 10-13, I started acting out I think, doing really really bad in school, not giving a fuck about grades. I didn't smoke weed back then. I found myself slipping up in school around 6th grade. At around 11 I had some gnarly temper tantrums. This may have been affected by my parents being divorced as a kid and seeing them fight. That's not even anything major compared to anything else that I could have possibly gone through, but it could play a role.
    At 12 I moved to my dad's house after not having normal contact for a few years. Started smoking weed there at age 13. When I first started smoking I wasn't addicted or anything. I started out really slow, then got more into it. At around 14-15 I got heavily into smoking weed. At 15 I think I moved back to my mothers, my mother knew I had smoked weed before, and did not approve. I got addicted to ecstacy after a while doing it every single day at school for a month straight. Almost OD'd and went to the hospital. Then she made me attend outpatient rehab 3 times a week, on 2 seperate occasions, each time like 14 weeks long. I got really emotionally attached to weed, so much to the point where I threatened to kill myself because I was being punished for medicating. Got hospitalized straight 51/50 shit cuz of that little episode.
    Got put on different types of anti-depressents. All of them SSRI's. Zoloft, and 2 others I cant remember. Not at the same time I tried all 3 with no success.(course of like 1-2 years). I then started getting into alot of trouble. Ditching school, stealing from family, all that shady shit that comes with being addicted to a drug like E(even if it was the aftermath of the addiction). Then got sent to rehab for 6 months, came out somewhat level headed and on probation. Got off probation and started smoking again obviously, but thats about it. 
    Now I get mood swings like crazy if I dont have weed. No doubt I'm agitated if im dry, I'll snap on a fool. sometimes when Im high though I still snap, and I know it's not my personality because right afterward I feel really bad and feel like I didn't even want to say what I said or did. I get manicly depressed if Im sober, and extremely positive towards life when I'm stocked up on weed.
    Hope your still awake and can help me out lol.
    BTW congrats on your education! It definitely shows! :)
  17. How old are you? I would say you should stop smoking to be honest. If you were smoking really heavy at 14-15, that really fucks with your brain when you are developing. Your brain doesn't fully develop until your early 20's.
    And I was the same way growing up. Really depressed in high school, got a 1.67 gpa one semester, and my parents always said my tempers growing up were like someone flipped a switch. That was one reason I thought I was bipolar.
    And I know the feeling of not having weed and being miserable, and then when I could smoke I would be ecstatic.
    Honestly I would say you should stop smoking for a couple months and see if it makes a difference.
    It sucks at first but there are things you can do to help make it easier.
    I don't know if you meditate at all but it is really easy if you practice. You can do some reading on mindfulness meditation, which is something you can do throughout the day. It is all about focusing on what you are doing at that exact moment. When you think about past there is pain/depression and thinking about the future causes anxiety. In the present moment there isn't pain or anxiety. You want to pay attention to all of your senses.
    Something you can try today is to take a shower for ten minutes and close your eyes the whole time. Just pay attention to the smell of the soap, the feeling of the water on your skin, etc. Or next time you are walking pay attention to every step you take. The feeling of your feet hitting the ground, how your arms swing, each breath you take, etc.
    Also you can try chanting which may be easier. I have used this mantra (Hare Krishna maha mantra) for a couple years and it has worked wonders. It is incredibly easy to memorize
    "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare"
    I listen to this while doing it as it makes it easier to follow along. Krishna and Rama are two gods and it is essentially telling god to take away your pain, shortcomings, and fears and to give joy and bliss.
    I know it sounds crazy, and I am not trying to convert you or anything, as I am an atheist. But it is the same thing as I mentioned earlier with placebo affect. It just takes you to a happy place after 10 minutes or so of just chanting along with the song in you head, and not thinking about anything else. Then your mind is unable to focus on or have feelings of depression, it is to busy focusing on what you are chanting.
    It is kind of like in Happy Gilmore when Chubbs tells him to find his happy place.
  18. I'm on a t-break till sept. 6th. I don't mind. I need a t-break anyway.
  19. Haha I totally got you on the last part lol. Thanks alot for all the information you've given and thanks for looking into helping me out, I really appreciate it!
    I'm about to be 19 in like 2 months. 
    I went to rehab and stayed sober when I got out for like 2 months. I had a job as soon as I got out. Started smoking again, then I started going to work high. Then I started blazing at work. Outside while getting the carts, or inside the dairy freezer when im ''using the bathroom'. After a few months I got tired of working there. The weed forsure affected this decision. I went in one day, not even high, and felt miserable as soon as I walked in. I then went up to my supervisor, asked to speak with the store manager, and quit on the spot. I miss that place I should have never quit it was like a family. The manager teared up when I told him haha, it was just so random and we all got along there. There was no reason for me to quit but I did, it was an impulse desicion right when I walked in to work that day.
    I have never meditated btw. I'll definately check out that video later today though, and when I take a shower I'll do those things you mentioned. 
    I've been trying to find myself for such a long time, all I know for a fact is that I like to write raps and smoke weed. I like to make money. I DONT like doing paper work(failed H.S and dropped out).  I don't mind working, I ssometimes like it. I just want to be happy with who I am, but how can I be happy when I don't know what i'm meant to do in this world yet.
  20. Those are good forms of meditation. I enjoy going into the redwoods. smokin a j. Sitten at the foot of a tree. Close my eyes. Listen. I hear a bird. now i hear a different bird. Heard a twig crack, maybe an animal huntin for food. I hear the wind in the tops of the trees. I hear the water of a babbling brook nearby. I smell the redwood. I can taste the air on my toungue. After a while, i become at one with the forest. I open my eyes and stare toward the redwood canopy. I get lost in the life thats going on up there. Birds and squirrels scampering around. I feel like I am a guest in thier home. I feel humble. But the last thing i feel is anger. or hatred. or depression. I feel at peace.

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