One of the greatest indeed.

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    [ame=]Yours to keep - Paola-Teddybears STHLM .wmv - YouTube[/ame]

    I love music, and I love that song. However it's hard to call songs my "favorite" or even "one of my favorite" because I love so many. Today I've come to terms that the above song quite possibly is my second favorite song (just because top fave is one I refuse to change due to meanings)

    I've grown up to this song. I've skated to it countless times, I've had sex to it countless times, I've taken walks in each season multiple times and listened to this song, I've blazed/drank/doneothershit to it plenty of times, and it has over 1000 plays on my iPod. It's the definition of "carefree" in song form.

    And now I've made a thread about this song. Because it's that goddamn good and you probably wouldn't get a chance to hear it otherwise. Listening to this song isn't even like listening to a song. It makes me want to get in touch with old friends, skateboard, and get wayyy more fucked up than I should on way more drugs than I should do.

    There are multiple versions of this song... but this is my favorite haha

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