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One of the best...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Ripped One, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. One of the best things there is when it comes to smokin weed....I have a glass bong with a pull carb that is 18 in tall color changing. Once you have learned how to hit your bong specificly you can take a hit that is so fucking thick and amazing and it kicks your thats the best!

    Dont you agree, experienced smokers?

  2. yeah i guess, bongs are the shit.
  3. Dude, I can quite happily say that I hardly ever smoke joints.
    If I'm with friends and they make a joint, I'll have some, but I always use a bong when I wanna get stoned.
    Why don't I like joints?

    1) I feel they're a waste. I put less weed in a bong, but get more stoned. Thus, my weed lasts longer.
    2) I find the paper REALLY harsh on my lungs. I can't seem to get numb to it.... ah well. Bongs are better.
    3) My bong is purple :)
  4. don't get me wrong, i love bongs & can hit 'em like a pro...

    but i've got to stand up and give joints credit where credit's due. if you use hemp papers, they burn niiice n slooww, and the paper isn't harsh at all. you can use the shake that would usually just get burnt too fast or sucked through in a bong to roll a joint, that's what we do... buds for the bong/bubblers, and shake/leftover crap for the joints... also weed that's too harsh for bonghits make it into the joint pile.. i smoke about 3-4 joints a week, and don't feel like they're a waste at all.

    i just thought i'd share a few joint tips, they're underrated and i personally love them... but i love ALL smoking methods so who knows :)

    i used to have a purple bong, then i moved & donated it to the purple bong collection in the neighborhood. now we have 4 bongs and they all hit like crazy. and yet i still crave a joint now & then!
  5. Hemp papers aren't harsh you say? I've always known you can get hemp papers, but I never bought them 'cos I thought they'd be just as harsh...

  6. bongs are my weapon of choice. if only i owned one, but now i have my own metal peice and im stickin to that, though when i get the chance, imma get a bong.
  7. a nice bong will always give killer hits, but they get soooo stinky and dirty after a while :(

    i should get around to making another one..

  8. Damn Ganja your kinda like me:)....I think my choice between bongs and joints are pretty much equal though..Bongs give nice clean fresh hits and get you real messed up...but joints get me real messed up too and they're so fun to roll and smoke! If you're real good at rolling you know what im sayin? Its fun to try and roll a better joint each time...smoking it like i do and doint smoke tricks also keep you occupied which is real important when ur a big tyme stoner..rotating the joint around keeps you doin somethin so....I know what you mean about the papers bein harsh but damn who really cares if your longs are gone already like mine are and im not even 18 for two more years....I like the blunts the best but for the joints you gotta get the flavored papers...rasberry is my favorite...I put the shake into the joints too but I also break up buds into shake,...i dunno why, I just love the joints/blunts but dont get me wrong...bongs are equally fun to smoke because you can control how much smoke you get by lookin at the glass...anyways back to my smokin.
  9. everytime i smoke out of my bong i get better at it, now i just keep my mouth on it and suck the smoke in with my mouth while breathing out the last hit through my nose and i keep going till the bowl is cashed.
  10. I love a good bong and I'm trying to raise some money to get a fat glass one. But I dunno who all smokes blunts around here. I smoke em when I vacation to New york and I definitely get the highest off of blunts.


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