One of the best highs I've had

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sheppo, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. First some backstory.

    Well my sister was killed April 2006 in a Jet Ski freak collision with her 3 best friends on a cruise in Malaysia at 20 years old. (her friends were ok though).Woman's dream trip turns to tragedy

    We have a garden in the backyard now with fruit trees, a little pond with a water fountain, a big stone with a poem engraved with her ashes buried under it. My brothers a carpenter and built a gazebo in it and it has creeper plants starting to grow up the sides to form a roof.

    Well the other week in winter there was suddenly a really nice day, and I just looked outside had this urge to go sit on old bench in the gazebo and smoke a joint. So I did.
    And it was just like one of the best hours of my recent memory, so many thoughts went through my head. Ones that I don't normally go near and all kinds of life and the universe and religion and the serenity and whats afterlife and so forth, all while just chillen on a bench in this pagola next to the fountain and stone and plants.

    Does anyone else just have these really deep and personal highs?

    Sure, I've had deep thought highs but they were just about all topics, but this was just so close to home and outbringing that it could have really changed my perceptions in day to day life. The herb is such a versatile amazing tool for life.
  2. Yeah bro , the Herb opens minds. It allows you to entertain thoughts that you wouldn't even consider while sober. Sorry to hear about your sister.

  3. Most definitely.

    Cannabis has been a spiritual force in times of my life that were otherwise dark and stormy. My deepest thoughts have occurred after a few bowls. Something about Cannabis just cuts through all the bullshit and makes everything seem so clear. That is why we all show so much love for this plant!

    Sorry to hear about your sister too man :(
  4. I have those really amazing highs like that some times, I like to smoke by myself most of the time because I find I have deeper highs when im by my self. Sorry to hear about your sister to. :(
  5. thats the main reason i love to smoke.

    get in touch with certain thoughts i dont while sober
  6. sorry about your sister man, thats awful. but ya, ive had moments where ive understood it all, unfortanatly a lot of timesi cant remember them :( gotta start writing shit down

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