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  1. Made this out of aluminum I cast in my foundry, I then milled the pieces out mostly by hand. There are two lids, one for the bowl and one for the storage compartment, the lids interlock when closed to prevent them from accidentally opening. The pivot screws are set with hex set screws so they won't move. The stem folds out on a stainless bushing and has a spring loaded ball bearing that clicks into a small dimple in either the open or closed position. I added a stainless rod between the laminations to attach a lanyard.
    Lots of work but a lot of fun to make.


    This is another little pipe I built

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  2. Its like a swiss army pipe!
  3. Its made out of aluminum?
    I'm pretty sure that's unsafe to burn but still nice job!
    I certainly couldn't make a pipe from any kind of metal.
  4. [quote name='"LeroyDankins"']Its made out of aluminum?
    I'm pretty sure that's unsafe to burn but still nice job!
    I certainly couldn't make a pipe from any kind of metal.[/quote]

    Aluminum is perfectly safe to use. There's no way a pipe made of aluminum would ever get hot enough to cause any problems. Aluminum foil on the other hand is dangerous because it's thin enough to actually melt with a lighter.
  5. You would have to heat aluminum to 1200 degrees before it even begins to gas, you absorb more aluminum from using deodorant or taking an antacid tablet than you ever would smoking out of an aluminum pipe. Look at all the aluminum products used in medical industry, cookware, items that are heated far beyond temps reached in a pipe. I have been melting aluminum in my foundry for years, the only time I ever have any concerns is when it's molten. Aluminum is very abundant in nature, I believe it's the 3rd or 4th most common element. Exposure to aluminum is very common.

  6. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
  7. Damn man, hands down the best homemade i've seen on gc, and I open majority of the homemade threads, for the right price, those could sell like hotcakes.
  8. ^ I totally agree, one of the best homemade pieces I've seen.
  9. Thanks! I have a lot of designs, I will post some pics of a few more later. Thanks again!
  10. market these to haj marts and sell em for 20
  11. [quote name='"spuckle"']market these to haj marts and sell em for 20[/quote]

    I give them away, there's no way I could make money on them and don't want to. It takes to long to make one, I would end up making -.14 cents an hour.
  12. Well to be honest man, thats a pretty awesome talent you posses. And it'd would totally be a good idea to sell them, given that you would sell them as a side hobby/job. It's more worth it then giving them away, seeing as how you'd make 20 bucks per pipe, which you can use towards dank : ) I'd totally buy one.
  13. Tutorial or vouch copy?
  14. [quote name='"Solleks132"']Tutorial or vouch copy?[/quote]

    What's a "vouch copy"? Sorry, I'm not familiar with that term.

  15. Haha a vouch copy is a free one that you send out so I can vouch for you. I wouldn't actually ever expect you to send me one for free man XD my vouch wouldn't count for shat on this forum. The pipe looks so god damn sweet though, best homemade I have ever seen by far.
  16. omg I want one so bad. Wish I had a foundry :/
  17. [quote name='"illogical"']omg I want one so bad. Wish I had a foundry :/[/quote]

    You can build a foundry, I built mine.
  18. wow man. seriously you should consider making knives.

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